Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is what aggressive looks like...

Well, my medicines came in today. I have to give a very, very big shout out to the FABULOUS lady at this pharmacy (good prices on meds AND a return policy!) and to Blue Cross/ Blue Shield. I am not questioning how it happened, but am glad it did: They covered the medicines! Not too long ago, I ranted about how they weren't going to cover the medicines because we were part of the Shared Risk program and if they don't pay for procedures they don't pay for medicines. Well, apparently Sally ran the medicines through and VOILA! $5000 worth of medicine for my co payment of $FORTY-FIVE DOLLARS! Thank God! We had planned on paying for those out of pocket anyway, so now the MAC is a done deal!!

I was sort of shocked at how much is here. 30 vials of Menopur. 30 vials of Bravelle. 6 boxes of Ganirelix. A box of Novarel. Some zithromax. Tons of needles.

Last year, we joked about how I could imagine what a drug addict felt like because I was putting tons of money into my body every day.

This is even more.

The plan is to be more aggressive since I am older. Do the perks of age ever stop? Dr. K said that based on my last cycle, we would definitely transfer 2 (provided we have 2 to transfer) and would consider 3. That worries me a bit.

On one hand, I tell myself that I was GOOD at being pregnant. A friend and I today just laughed at how I held such a loooong little boy in my tiiiiny little body for a loooooong time. How my doctor called me Ft. Knox and how Hotel Mommy was a super place to be. In that vein, I feel like if it were to happen, I *might* have some chance to safely maintain a multiples pregnancy.

On the other...in 16 weeks, I have seen so much heartache from so many multiples situations. I don't know that I could handle that. I hurt just thinking about it, knowing the hearts of so many other mothers.

The plus is that Dr. K is VERY conservative, so I know he will not lead me into anything he worries about for me. I also know that if something like that should happen, I have a crew of people ready and waiting to hover. So....I'll not worry today about something that *may* happen.

In 2 weeks and 3 days, I start the shots. Let the fun begin.


  1. That is SO great that your insurance covered the medicines! It is so crazy how much it costs.

  2. Okay...I'm really starting to believe in the power of letting go. You had made the decision to pay for the meds...the meds were covered by insurance. Wonderful! And you can look forward to the MAC, too! :)

  3. That's great that your insurance company paid for the meds!!! You are taking a lot of the same ones I have taken. Will this be your first time to use Menopur? I'm going to add that pharmacy of yours to my list of places to shop prices next time :) (((hugs to you)))

  4. Ah, so THIS is the picture you were talking about!!! My meds will be here Thursday, but they actually told me to hold off on some of the patches because if I wait a couple weeks to order the next batch I'd get better insurance coverage. And wow - your insurance is great! Mine did pretty well, but I still had to pay $180.

    When do you start your injections?

  5. It's so nice when insurance covers thing you never thought they would. Trying to send good vibes your way. Hoping and praying things will work out the way you need them to.

  6. Oh the fun of the meds!! That was an AMAZING perk with my health plan through work...the first IVF round I only paid a FIVE DOLLAR deductible on each med, and the second round 85% was covered! Amazing!!!!
    I felt the same...like an addict or a pin cushion! Thank heavens my stomach didn't bruise badly!!

    Hang of for the ride dear friend!!

    Heather (HeathersHope - HP)

  7. That is one BIG package ( : Strong thoughts your way, my friend! So glad you had some good news re: the medicine being paid for. That is one less worry. XO, J

  8. I'm not surprise that your meds where paid for. "Believe again, trust again, hope again and Take the limits off"...Look at God showing himself to you once again. :-) Lots of hugs and lots of Prayers I am sending your way.

  9. Wow, that really is one huge load of meds!!! PTL that they were covered!

  10. I LOVE Sally at Professional Pharmacy. What a wonderful lady :). I actually called her recently with a question about some medications and she called me right back and chatted about all of my issues. It is unusual to feel taken care of in the big world of medicines - especially the pricey world of infertility medicines.

    Go ovaries!! I know what it feels like to really be aggressive. My FSH level requires way more drugs than I ever though I would need.

  11. Awwww...GOOD LUCK! Praying for you, and how awesome is it that the insurance company covered the meds?!?!? **big smile** Glad things are looking up for you!

  12. {{{hug}}}
    Remembering the overwhelming feelings of "the box" full of meds and needles - Yikes! So excited to read of God's provision for your meds. Praying for wisdom for you and your doctor at transfer.

  13. That is so awesome the meds were covered! What a load off of your backs!! Praise God!

  14. LOTS of prayers coming your way from a "friend-of-a-friend!"

  15. Lori,

    I have a feeling that I am going to be your kindred spirit in the department of agressive measures. And, its comforting to know that BCBS picked up the tab for the med's, as that is wonderful. So happy that the pharmacy lady was your advocate :)

    Praying for your success sweet friend...I will be walking with you. I continue to pray for you daily and think of you always.

    Much Love