Saturday, January 21, 2012

In Hindsight...

Those are the words Dr. K used with Luke's cycle on day 8.  Boy, was I having a DOWNER day when I wrote this!

In fairness, I didn't know then what I know now.

That it all worked out!  It really DOES only take one!

That my sweet, adorable, little ham of a boy is sleeping as soundly as can be...little tooshie in the air and pacis all around him like he'd just had a party.

That though they were a bit concerned, they weren't freaked out and I shouldn't have been either.

I know that now.

So that's why I am not worried about yesterday's appointment.

My estrogen was 512.  Great, right?

Well, except there was only one measurable follicle.

Of the 17, there was only one over 10mm.  Which is pretty surprising, considering how high my estrogen was.

Thank God for my nurse.  Thank God I have two cycles (successful!) already under my belt and am able to say, "Oh..well, this is just my pattern!"

Jackie said, "You are just a day 8 girl!" when I asked her if this was what Dr. K was talking about last year.

Essentially, I should have more maturity in my follicles, but don't.

But that's sort of the way I've been going, with both Matthew's and Luke's cycles and look how they turned out?!

So, I'm not worried yet.

Tomorrow morning I go in and Jackie said she felt like I'd see follicle growth explosion based on that estrogen.  She told me not to worry about overstimulation yet and just wait and see how tomorrow goes.  She told me not to worry about anything. (Except my iron, which is LOW and I believe it!)

You know what?

I'm not.  For real.  And I'm not just saying that.

Because you know how the old saying goes, right?  Hindsight is 20-20?

Hello perfect vision for this cycle!

I'm feeling ya.


  1. Love this... and you. Praying for you and this cycle.

  2. Lori- thanks for your sweet comment from ICWL. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you this cycle. prayers and warm thoughts coming you way!

    (now following)

  3. I'm feelin it too! Prayers and love are covering you guys! xoxoxo

  4. Hugs and fingers crossed for you! :)

  5. Well you were the one who gave ME that great line about cycles.. and i have passed your wisdom on to others when they most needed it.. so I'm so glad to see you using it for yourself as well. There is still time to go and time to grow.. I'll be hoping for some good follies for you this week and keeping everything crossed for you! Sending HUGS!

  6. Hoping and praying this cycle goes wonderfully.

    ICLW #66