Monday, January 9, 2012


I know.  It happens.

It should happen.  

I'm, so grateful that it happens and I am honored and blessed beyond measure to WATCH it be a participant in it happening.

But it's too fast!

Too, too fast.

He's just turning into such a little BOY and less and less my sweet baby.

He's spunky.

He's funny.

He's clever.

He's fascinated with "catch me!" as he climbs stairs and we "chase" up after him.  He squeals like it's the best game EVER.

He's precious.

He's analytical.

He's determined.

He's purposeful.

He's persistent.

He's snuggly.

He's giggly.

He's amazing.

And he's growing so quickly I can hardly catch my breath.

Thank you, Lord, for his precious life.

Could you just help me figure a way out to freeze it for just a little longer?


  1. I am RIGHT there with you! Slow down just for a minute baby boy!

  2. You def have a precious & handsome little guy there. I wish there was a way to slow it all down.


  3. I tell my kids all the time that they are growing SO fast! my oldest always asks if I want him to stay little forever.. sigh.. sweet babies and sweet kiddos. Swoon!

  4. Dear Lori,
    Funny how perspective alters viewpoints. After you see the joys of a 4 yo, you probably will combine today's sentiment with, "but I am looking forward to when you are out of diapers and tantrums!" However, if you truly mourn the end of parenthood and love the process, after you are an experienced parent, you will be the perfect tool of God to adopt. Much as I am happy when childless couples find joy in adoption, I think experienced parents are probably a more capable tool of God. So, once Luke and (hopefully) little Miss/Master Whoever are older (like teens), I am hoping you still have that feeling (we did!) and put it to use for more of God's work. Just sayin!