Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Was This The Shoe?

So, you know me...always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Well, it may just drop tomorrow.

Again, Jackie told me not to worry yet.  "We've come too far to cancel this cycle."

Yeah, well....This morning, when talking to the doctor (who is not my regular doctor, but has been seeing me since I've been monitoring at Fair Oaks) after she mentioned I was quite the estrogen over-achiever, I said, "Yeah...when I triggered with Luke's cycle, my estrogen spiked from like 1800something to 4000."

She responded with, "Yeah, but we didn't do that cycle, did we?"

Um.  Yes.  You did.  Remember?  We were just talking about how our news clip was played at your annual retreat and it had LUKE in it?

Anyway.  That was enough to tell me that she was not fond of that 4000 estrogen level.

It was 3385 today.  Even after my medicine being decreased AGAIN last night.

The doctor this morning also thought I'd very probably trigger tonight but I didn't.  My follicles are just not mature enough.  When I triggered with Luke, my leads/measurables were 21, 19, 19, 18, 17 mm ish.  I had 16 follicles retrieved.  FOUR fertilized.

Today, my leads/measurables were 18, 19, 19, 17, 16, 15 mm ish.  With THAT high an estrogen level.

Today it was confirmed that I am DEFINITELY stimming like a PCOSer.

Which really doesn't make any difference...that's why we are doing IVF, right?  To get that perfect, perfect little embryo to hang out and grow for about 9 months or so in my tummy.  Regardless of the diagnosis or symptomology or whatever.

I'm on a high-protein, low carb diet.  Milk and potato chips (for the salt!).  Gatorade.  Taking it easy.  Protecting my abdomen.  Making sure I take my asthma medicines and use my inhaler so my breathing doesn't get affected.

PRAYING that tomorrow my estrogen isn't so high that they cancel this cycle.

And that my follicles are mature enough. (Medicine was decreased again tonight.  Hope it's not decreased so much that it doesn't mature the follicles enough.)

Like I said...was this the other shoe?  It was all going so great and now at the last minute could crash?

Because I know what that is like, and frankly...
I'd rather not have more.


  1. (((Hugs))) Praying for you and for God's will!! <3

  2. Hello! I don't comment often, but have been reading since before you got pregnant with Luke, and you stopped by my (incredible sparse) blog the other day. I don't know all the technical stuff, but wanted to say that I'm thinking of you! We are at Andrews AFB in Maryland and I have been hearing the Shady Grove radio commercials even more than usual (at least 2-3 times a day, which is amazing considering I'm in my car for only 20 minutes a day!). Each time one comes on, I think of you immediately. Wishing you the best luck tomorrow! :)

  3. Keep your faith and pray for strength to handle whatever happens. <3

  4. Praying so much for you today!

    Be anxious for nothing, but in all things, with prayer & thanksgiving make your requests to the Lord & He will bring you a peace that surpasses understanding.

    This is my paraphrasing so I hope it's accurate!

    Love & prayers from TN!

  5. sending a prayer for you Lori!

  6. Hoping it goes well for you! Looking at your blog, I am amazed and inspired by your strength and bravery.

  7. Praying for great news tomorrow. I believe!!

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