Sunday, January 29, 2012

Better With Age?

...or so Dr. G says.

I just got the call from the nurse about my fertilization. (Of course, I was in the shower and John was walking the boy around the block, so missed it and only got a voicemail.  They weren't supposed to call until after 3!!!)

She said 17 follicles were retrieved. (Knew that.)  Seventeen were MATURE! (Did NOT expect that!)  NINE fertilized! (Shocked by that!)


With Matthew, I had 13 retrieved, 12 mature and 6 fertilize.

With Luke, I had 16 retrieve, 8 or 9 mature and 4 fertilize.

In the nurse's message, she said Dr. G wanted to relay a personal message.

"You get better with age."

Well, maybe, but my body sure doesn't, ha ha!

The retrieval yesterday was ok, but I was definitely more sore than I ever remember with Matthew or Luke.

The good news (well, more of it) is that I didn't cry after I came to.

With Matthew, I was crying and crying because they'd only retrieved 13. (And right before my retrieval, a woman had 24 retrieved, so I figured I was waaaayyyy behind the curve!)

With Luke, I was crying and crying because it was really pretty emotional. (Like I need a reason to cry anyway!)

Yesterday, I apparently was telling everyone how much I loved much I loved Shady Grove...bragging about how I wasn't crying, ha ha.

Again, a few nurses came in and told us that they were so touched by our story when they were watching it at their annual retreat, and I started to tear up some then.  I think that's understandable!

So now we wait.  Tomorrow Jackie will call me and give me more of a breakdown and probable transfer information for Tuesday.

Wonders never cease.


  1. Woot woot. my psychic pisces thing detects twins a'cookin!

  2. Your docs should never underestimate the power of prayer! You go girlie:)

  3. Good for you! Will continue praying!

  4. I can not stop smiling ... my heart is just pounding and singing! So, so, so beyong happy for you guys! This is gonna be an amzing year, I think ; ) Love you!

  5. So delighted for you! Maybe Luke will end up with more than one younger sibling :)

  6. HOLY CROW!!!!!! And I must say it back to you: 'From the worst looking cycles often comes.." and you know the rest. SO thrilled mamma!!! Hoping for some good 3 days or even a few blasts in a few days!!!!!!! Woohoo! xo!

  7. Thankful & so excited for you !!!!!!