Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quick update...

Just for my own remembrance...

Saw my least favorite sono tech there (when I asked her if she was worried about the fluid I still have a bit of, she said, "It's not my job to worry about you. I just check it out and tell the doctor.") and she saw 13 follicles. They weren't much bigger and none were at least 10 mm because she said, when I asked how big the lead was, "I'm not measuring. That's just wasting my time since they are so small still."

Yes, she's a pearl.

I won't complain too much though because again, that place is just wonderful. How SO MANY of them know me and my name is just amazing. Sadly, I bet I know why they all do, but...that they do and they care and ask how things are (on Tuesday, three different people asked me how the retreat went) is just so comforting and I am grateful.

Earlier today, I was writing a message to my sweet friend (she knows!) and realized that at that very minute I was typing, 4:46, 20 weeks earlier I had Matthew safely and soundly tucked inside of me waiting to make his grand appearance.

How has 20 weeks gone by so fast, yet taxed me every single day simply trying to breathe?


  1. I'll pray that that sono tech comes to a better place in her own life through God's grace. I'll pray to thank God for so many other people there who are a comfort to you. I'll pray that God gives you the necessary strength to take the next breath. And the one after that...

  2. Hey I think I got the same tech when they discovered Gracie's heart defect. She wouldn't give me any info even though I knew something was wrong. Sorry you got her to. Maybe the nice techs could teach her how to be nicer.

  3. What a peach of a tech! Kill her with kindness ;) I also thought you should know that people would remember you by name regardless of you situation, my friend. One a completely different topic, I wish that my kids had had a teacher like you when we lived in Lincoln.

  4. That tech needs a darn class in how to be social. I mean no she's not your usual tech, but her attitude is just plain nasty and mean. Gosh i'm generally a nice person but geesh. Someone should tell her to get the u/s wand out her butt and learn how to talk to people. Well thinking of you Lori, and I hope things get better. Hugs.

  5. While Hilary is thinking of killer her with kindness, I was thinking a little more along the lines of just inflicting pain with a swift kick to the derriere, with a boot... size 8 1/2.

  6. so sorry to hear that the sono tech was so uncompassionate!!! that should be part of the job....


  7. UGH, Lori...I just want to come and smack that tech on your behalf and I'm sure many other womens behalves! UUUGGGHHH...that is HORRID to have to listen to someone so mechanical and uncaring!!! I'm so sorry you had to deal with that! Boooo to her!

    Praying that things continue to move forward with encouragment and good news.

    I can relate to having people know you well at the clinic. After our first fresh IVF round and then losing our first twins we went back for round two, and one of the nurses started to tell me how sorry she was for what happened and I started shaking and bawling because the memories of the hope and anticipation and excitement from our first round came crashing in with the reality of the pain of our loss.
    I'm sure it will be the same when we decide to go for an FET. The same emotions and pain.

    I'm praying for you dear friend. Praying for every step to be covered in comfort, hope and peace.

    Heather (heathershope- HP)

  8. Sorry that that tech was not more sensitive. Sometimes I wonder if they realize there are actual people with feelings instead of just patients and charts (I've had a few like yours).

    Hugs to you today...

  9. Sweet Friend,

    It's pretty aparent that sour tech has never walked this broken path...

    The tech that did my scan the day Christian lay sleeping was rude as well and abruptly said "I can't get a heartbeat on this baby!" She was frusterated and I was devastated. To this day I have not made peace with my feelings toward that woman!

    On a brighter note, I'm happy you are surrounded by the love of others at the clinic.

    What a sweet friend to lift you up in "that" moment and remember Matthew with you. So thoughtful and full of compassion.

    xoxo and have a good week.
    more prayers coming your way...

  10. Any tech in any modality should NOT behave in this manner. It isn't professional and it isn't right.