Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Incubator 16...

Apparently, that's the place to be...according to my four little embryos. After tossing and turning all night dreaming they arrested, and then being on pins and needles this morning waiting for Jackie to call, (all the while thinking, "They've died. They're gone. Jackie's trying to figure out how to tell me that."), I got some encouraging words.

Of the four, TWO have divided into 4-cells, which is exactly where they should be. One has some fragmentation, but less than 10%, so that's ok. ONE is 3-celled and ONE is 2-celled. Last year, with Matthew, we didn't have any that were 4-cells on day two (I was worried about them growing slowly last year and now know that slow growth doesn't mean anything!) and because we do, and the lab thinks they look pretty good, we are a "MAYBE" for transfer tomorrow.

Which means that they like the looks of them so much that they MAY try to let them get to blastocyst stage and do a 5-day transfer on Saturday.

The pros: A day 5 transfer is more closely aligned to where one's body would naturally be if this were happening without the help of the lab. If embryos make it to day 5, they are usually blastocysts and have higher pregnancy rates.

The cons: They may not make it to day 5. And then, there's nothing to transfer.

The theory, of course, is that they wouldn't have made it anyway.

But that's just theory. And there's no way of knowing. I personally am a big fan of day 3 transfers. Beautiful babies with dimpled chins and huge feet and wavy brown hair come from day 3 transfers.

So....we'll just wait and see how things are in the morning. We are scheduled for 12:45, but if my nurse calls me in the morning, we may be pushed out to day 5.

In the meantime, sending all my love and prayers to incubator 16.

UPDATE: Dr. K just called and said it'd be tomorrow. He didn't seem to even consider a 5 day because we only have a few. I'm glad. He said that based on my age and my 'favored outcome' status, guidelines suggest the transfer of no more than the top two.
Really? I'm a favored outcome?
Apparently. It seems as if my problem is making good eggs and not insisting on c-sections.
Other than that, I'm favored.


  1. Oh Lori!!!! I am SOOOOOOO happy to hear this precious news!!!!!
    I will be praying praying praying praying praying for you as you wait for the final call on transfer!!! I am on pins and needles for you right now!!!!!!

    Praying for these PRECIOUS little embies!!!!!!!

    HUGS HUGS HUGS to you my friend!!!!

    Heather (heathershope - HP)

  2. Great news!! Praying for the precious lives in incubator 16!!

  3. Oh Lori - you just made my day!

    Come on embies!!!

  4. Happy!Happy!Happy!


  5. I hope things work out for you! I just wanted to say that I really love your description of Matthew in this blog. The wild part of it is that I have written several blog posts that say almost the same thing. Curly hair, huge feet, and a dimple on the chin. My Eli had all of these also. Wonder if our fellas have met?

  6. Hi Sweet Lori !

    Thank you for your comment about IVF on my blog .
    I have read your story and it has touched my heart .
    I have tears in my eyes when going through your old posts ,you have gone through so much on this journey to become a parent.
    I have huge respect for you for not giving up and keep going and keep trying ,you look the fear in the face and say : you are not going to affect my life -Im going to try until it works .
    I will pray for you as you go through such an intense time now.
    You deserve so much to be happy!
    Love Angie H

  7. Lori - I am so happy for you and sending you hugs and prayers as well as Incubator 16.

  8. That is great news!!!! I am praying for you and can't wait to hear that everything went well.

  9. HOORAY!!! I'm so happy for your little ones!!! I'll be praying for you, DH, and the 2 embies at 12:45 tomorrow. And I'll be praying for the remaining two to make it to blast and freeze! :)

  10. xxx I will be thinking of you and praying for you tomorrow!

  11. yes lori! you ARE favored!

    hugs- always praying

  12. Sticky baby vibes and huge prayers for your expanding family!

  13. I will be thinking of you tomorrow!!!

  14. My prayers will be directed at incubator 16 as well! Praying for these precious babies and their "big day" tomorrow. You will have so many people lifting you up in prayer, Lori :)

  15. Excited to hear this. Hugs to you!

  16. Praying Praying Praying!!! So happy to hear some good news, I needed some today:) You will be in my thoughts! P.S. 16 is one of my favorite numbers!

  17. Thinking of you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs and love, J

  18. So excited for you! You ARE favored! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

  19. Wonderful news!! I hope everything goes perfectly for you tomorrow. :) I'll be thinking of you. XOXO

  20. O Happy Day!

    And happy transfer day tomorrow!

    And happy implantation day after that!

    Love and hugs!

  21. This is so exciting Lori! I will be thinking about you. I hope one or two of those embryos decides to snuggle in.

    Lots of prayers.

  22. GOOD LUCK!
    I figured they would do a 3 day. With my "Fab 5" - 4 were doing excellent on day 2 (all 4 cell) and 3 were 8 cell on day 3 but they still went ahead with a 3 day transfer. Shady Grove is conservative about that.

    But from what I have read, a Day 5 transfer is only better if you have lots of choices and there are no "front runners". And from what I have read, even women with 20 embryos, if at day 3 there are two rock stars that look the best - many highly regarded labs will go ahead and transfer. The body is ALWAYS the best place for embryos. Always. You are the Ritz compared to Incubator 16 :).

    You will be in my prayers tomorrow. I'm sure it will go great. Go embabies go!

    I hope you have a restful couple of days on bed rest. :)

  23. My prayers are with you on your big day tommorow!

  24. Well Lori,
    I am happy for you. I am sending you hugs and will have you in my prayers tonight.