Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Does moratorium mean dead or just sound like it?

According to Merriam-Webster's online dictionary, it just sounds like it. Official definition? 1b. waiting period set by authority. 2. a suspension of activity

So, based on the following article from the Kyrgyzstan press, the moratorium on adoption is not death. Just a suspension of activity. Which, we have all been privy to already, so nothing new, right? this point, I am going to risk hearing all sorts of what-for and just say it. I so desperately want each and every parent that has a referral for their child to have their child. Period. Even if it doesn't mean that I have mine. A very wise and modest person that I was lucky enough to meet through blogging was kind enough to tell me to give them a call if I needed to have an ear. I did. And in that call, she helped me come to the conclusion that I haven't yet put in writing or even really said...I just don't think Kyrgyzstan is going to be the country from which we adopt. My gut's been telling me this for a while, and though it hasn't been easy to accept that, I think I am at peace with the situation. I would, of course, wish it to be completely different. Heck, I read all the blogging friends' sites and see the most BEAUTIFUL children can hardly breathe missing the pig tails I don't think will ever get to see.

But, I just don't think it was meant to be. I have thought for many months now that maybe God brought Kyrgyzstan (a country previously not even known to exist in my sad little geographical world) into my scope because it was a place that I could do some of God's work through others. Well, John Wright, Jengish, David and Jayne...and many others certainly have given me the opportunity to have my eyes opened. I cannot tell you how good I have felt being even a small part of such large mission projects that have happened in the last year. I even feel selfish because every time I see a post with pictures of people taking part in something we may have sponsored, I just feel FANTASTIC, and that just doesn't seem right somehow!

So...we still are sticking with Kyrgyz as far as not dropping out of the program goes...I just don't think it is going to happen. I've said from the beginning of this blog that my ultimate goal is to be a mom. I thought it was through adoption. (I still remember sitting in A & W with John and him telling me he'd rather adopt because it was a sure thing. HA HA!)

It still may be. I'm just not so sure...

  • The Committee for Migration, Labor, Social Policy and Healthcare of the Kyrgyz Parliament, with support from UNICEF, organized the conference devoted to the discussion of "revision of adoption legislation and procedures" which was held from January 30 through February 2 of 2009in Issyk-Kul region. The conference was attended by the members of the Parliament, representatives of the Office of the Government, director ofthe children protection department of the state agency for physical culture and sport, youth affairs and children protection, UNICEF representatives in Kyrgyzstan and others. UNICEF international consultant Erve Boechat was invited from Switzerland to participate inthe discussion of this matter. Parliament member G. Derbisheva reported that this matter requires careful approach and efforts to improve legislation in this field. Last year, the Parliament formed a parliamentary commission to consider the issues of national and international adoption. The commission has not completed its work yet. While it continues to work on the improvement of the legislative framework, the Committee for Migration,Labor, Social Policy and Healthcare submitted to the President an initiative to announce a moratorium on the national and international adoption, reported the parliament member.At the conference, the international consultant made the following presentations:* Problems of inter-country adoption in Kyrgyzstan * International experience and tendencies and main context of international adoption in the world * Evaluation of legal regulation, procedures and practices of adoption and others.A UNICEF specialist particularly stressed the Hague Convention adopted in 1993 and effected in 1995. Today, this Convention is signed by 76countries of the world. It covers children protection and regulates cooperation in international adoption, said E. Boechat. He further informed in his presentations that in Kyrgyzstan 11 charity organizations deal with international adoption and that more than 200children have been adopted by foreigners in the last two years. This issue stirred up a stormy discussion among the parliament members.In particular, the parliament members emphasized that the state must pay top priority attention to this matter and generally to children protection. The legislators insisted that international adoption must be used as a final resort only and demanded to toughen the practice of international adoption. In the opinion of certain parliament members,the handicapped children and disabled people whose treatments is costly may be allowed to be adopted by foreigners. It is expected that this issue will be discussed again at the forthcoming Round Table.


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  2. Don't you just love UNICEF and their interfering. They do not see the end result of these adoptions. I wonder if they even go into the orphanages and see the overcrowding and all of those sweet babies just needing their mom and dads. All they know how to do is have meetings and make IA look so bad. Just stick with it Lori until we know what the end result is going to be. I am as frustrated as you are.

  3. Hi Lori,
    We are in the same adoption mess.
    Thanks for posting this article.
    I would like to forward it to my agency. Would you please send me the link. You can post it hear or email me at
    By the way I love your blog.
    Thank you.

  4. You only have to look at the terribly sad things happening to children now in Guatemala to see what happens when UNICEF gets involved in stirring up anti-adoption sentiment. It is heartbreaking to see Kyrgyzstan getting this as well.