Friday, February 27, 2009

You can't go wrong with the Wrights!

Friends...I've *borrowed* this from a blog, but it is all over many...and with good reason, because this is a noble cause.

I may never step foot in Kyrgyzstan...and the needs there will probably continue. Aren't we, as a human race, blessed to know that the Wright family will not only go back, but meet needs and continue to serve God in sacrifice of their own needs and desires? I think so... and if you do also, read on...

*Borrowed Excerpt*
Let's Get it Right for the Wright's!!
Dear Friends of the Wrights, We all know and understand the effectiveness of the work John, Julie and family have done in Kyrgyzstan – the country they love so much and have been called to. Let’s get them there ON THE GROUND full time! We can do this.This post is coming out with other blog posts all over the country – people who have blogs that know the Wrights. Let’s shock them with the provision of financial resources and letters/notes of encouragement to help them return to Kyrgyzstan. They want to go as full time missionaries – they just need our help to get them there.
We propose that we raise a minimum of the following:$20,000 to cover a year’s needs on the home front• Home expenses – the place to come back to

$30,000 to cover a year’s needs on the foreign front • Travel in and out of the country with family 2 x a year • Travel in the country to the different sites • Family expenses – including the educational needs of one daughter • Lodging and meals This is just $50,000. We can do this and we can do it quickly. Here is how. Go to JOHN’S Blog and hit the button that is for the Wrights….support. AND guess what – you can watch all that is done there on his will learn to live vicariously in a healthy way by reading and supporting the RIGHT cause. What an opportunity – Will you help? Let’s do it RIGHT FOR THE WRIGHTS!

Blessings, Lynn and Ruby from LAMb International

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