Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Okay, just know now that this is a RANT. I'm frustrated.

Let me be brief:

1) Crazy people in the workplace are not ok. Crazy people you HAVE NO CHOICE but to deal with, well...that's just miserable. Crazy people in the workplace who get away with being crazy makes ME miserable.

2) I really think that Yuma, Arizona is just a military base disguising a bottomless pit that husbands fall into and from which they NEVER COME HOME. Or it seems like it.

3) The hell one has to go through to simply to get what they are entitled to through their insurance is criminal. I was actually told today, by a well-known pharmacy company, that I was the one who expressed urgency and I could either have my medicine by the time I needed it OR wait until they were ready to process my insurance so I would only have to pay my $9.00 co-payment (instead of the $524 full price). UMMMM NO! How about this? How about I get my medicine ON TIME at the price I am supposed to pay. PERIOD. I swear, if ONE MORE PERSON tells me how lucky I am that we get *free* health care, you may just see me on CNN as the newest woman gone plum crazy. Free, huh? Really? So, where's my husband right now as I have to do all this stuff? Where has he been for the last few months? That's right--EARNING my *free* health care. And protecting your rights while he's at it.

PLEASE, I beg you, if you are reading this and offended, STOP READING. I do NOT have the time for your little emails telling me what a whiner I am. (I thought that email did not bother me, but obviously it did, so whoever you are, Anonymous, bravo. Thanks for your two cents. Feel better now? Good. Now, get the heck off my blog.)

4) Standardized testing sucks and anyone who says that it is necessary to measure achievement needs to actually LOOK at a standardized test given to a second grader and tell me what it is measuring. What they know? NOPE. How to take a test. Why on earth is the option NH (as in "not here") given to 7 year-olds on a test? Just ask the freaking question and let them give the answer. Oh, and hey, why don't we make this fun testing last for TWO WEEKS? Then we can not just assess their knowledge, we can assess their endurance too. PLEASE.

Okay. I'm done. This was not brief after all and I could still keep going. So, I'll stop because in light of this all, my sister's lupus has flared up, she has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and is being treated, and she took her daughter, my niece, to UNC's Pediatric Hospital tonight for an extended stay. What room do I have to complain?

And seriously, Anonymous, DON'T bother badgering me again. I'm not forcing you to read this and if all you have to do is read blogs and reply in a mean and negative fashion, you are such a loser.


  1. Hey Lori....You rant and rave ALL YOU WANT!! Sometimes you just gotta let it out. Don't even get me started about schools, testing, etc...trying to calm down myself after conferences. Might just have a little rant session on my own blog!!

  2. I just don't understand why people would do that...ugh! Tell your husband thank you and we appreciate all that he does...and you too. Don't people understand that there is never really free medical care?

  3. I just love to read your ranting. I know that sounds crazy but it gives me something to smile about. Rave on!

  4. What a whiner you are...ugh.

    Tee hee hee...I can say that because I'm me (I made a rhyme!!!)

    The term "free" is used in a lot of contexts it shouldn't be (holy cow, I did it AGAIN!! I am amazing!!)

  5. Rant and rave to your heart's content! I enjoy good company :)

  6. We did our stint so I completely understand. It is just wonderful to have your husband almost miss his childs birth because he is in the middle of the South Pacific. He gets home just in time(over due 10 pounder)and then leaves a week later to go shovel ash in Subic Bay. All this for half what the average American makes. Free health care my @#$%/! Rant on!

  7. That's CRAZY that someone would bother to send you a mean email.... get a life ppl! There are so many bigger and better things out there in the world to gripe about than LORI! Hahahahaa Plus, Lori you DO have the right to complain now and again.

    Hope you have a nice Valentine's Day with your hubby!
    Hang in there!!!

  8. I don't know who would have the balls to leave neg feedback on your blog. They must not have been reading you for very long. I love that you addressed the issue in your post! Ha! Classic Lori. You just tell John we appreciate everything he and his buddies do for us all. And we appreciate the sacrifices you and their families make for all of us. As an Air Force brat I fully understand exactly what those sacrifices are. God bless you both. Love you, girl!

  9. You know, those who send "I'm offended by your blog post" emails surprise me. It's YOUR blog. You can post whatever the hell you want. If they don't like it, they can leave. No one is forcing them to read.

    Gosh, it sure did feel good to say that!

    Keep on posting what you feel like posting!

  10. Rant on girlfriend!
    And to the asshat who dares to feel the need to bother you with their insignificant, mindless bullshit - SUCK IT! Seriously! No one is forcing you to read this or any other blog. If you don't like what's being written there's a tiny little "X" in the upper right hand corner - click it and STFU!
    Rock on Lori and tell your husband "thank you" from us!