Thursday, February 26, 2009

I think I can, I think I can... our check up this morning was better than the other day...the tech found 8 measurable follicles (over 10 but less than 20..I think the biggest one --the bossy one--was 13.5) and saw about 6 more that still have some time. She said things were looking good. Then they called this afternoon with the blood results and my E2 was only 321. They didn't think that was low, but I do. Then I look all over the internet and throughout the numerous books I have and you see all sorts of opinion--E2 isn't as big a deal, it is. It doesn't indicate much, it does. It's supposed to be this, it's supposed to be that. You may have to cancel this cycle, you may not. I hate it.

So, I just have to trust my doctor's office when they say, "No, that's not too low. Just keep on the same dose and come back Saturday." Okay. How'd you know I love the shots so much?

I'm still thinking next week sometime will be retrieval and transfer. I'd like it to be Monday or Tuesday still, so that I could have the weekend to rest and let them get good and settled in their (I hope) home for the next 9 months...but, we'll have to see. I bet I go in Saturday and Sunday and maybe even Monday...maybe then they'll tell me to trigger.

As in trigger those little follicles to drop and get ready to be retrieved. Get ready, freddies...I'm getting tired of this regimen!


  1. hey girl... thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog and your support!!! You are the best.. I LOVED what you wrote.. and you are SO right!!!

    Praying for you... Go follicles.. go