Friday, January 30, 2009


So today was the mock transfer. Google this (if you don't already know what it is OR if you are my husband and you realize you have NO clue what procedure you are driving your wife to and you MIGHT want to be a little informed) and you'll see lots of different opinions about it...technique, necessity, full/not-full bladder, anticipated pain level...all sorts of stuff. In fact, when Googling, and then comparing mine to the one billion others out there, I almost worried that mine wasn't thorough enough. Almost. Shady Grove is a well-respected and successful practice. I like my doctor. I like my nurse. I'm trusting that it was just fine. Thankfully, I did NOT have to go the full-bladder route (HATE THAT FEELING!) and it was over in about 5-10 minutes--NOT like the HSGs I have had that were much longer. In fact, I talked to the doctor the whole time (my way of trying to NOT pay attention to what they are doing, in hopes of things hurting less) about how mad I was that I couldn't get our HIV status from our recent tests because only the requesting physician can print the results out...and the requesting physician was at Walter Reed--and not interested in giving us our results since we are going to Shady Grove. Can you believe that? MY doctor...JOHN'S doctor...NEITHER of them can access our result for that test unless they actually requested it and that means that WE can't either. MY blood. MY results. MY TAXES PAYING FOR IT. Let me tell you, Naval Medicine is going to hear from me about this. They say it is only releasable by the requesting physician because it is so sensitive. My syphilis results AREN'T? My OWN DOCTOR can't get the results? RIDICULOUS.

But I digress...

Anyway, the transfer went fine. He said all was normal. He didn't tell me any measurements, nor do I care. Obviously whatever catheter size he used was fine because it wasn't terrible. The cramping for me is after since my poor little insides are trying to recover from their violation. Thank goodness for Aleve!

So...we start the stuff in a couple of weeks...and, for the record, we are NOT planning on implanting 8. Can you BELIEVE that woman in California? None of us has the right to decide who gets to be a mom, who doesn't, how many children we parent, etc...But seriously...transferring EIGHT embryos? That's basically medical malpractice. And that's all I will say about that situation.

Thanks for looking into the CPSIA careful to know the difference between the adjustments that have been made for resellers (like thrift stores and Ebay)

AND the regulations that will still apply to many Etsy, Ebay etc. small businesses like Ella Bella Bowtique and With Sugar On Top...they are manufacturers of NEW things...and the testing that will be required for businesses that sell NEW things will likely put many out of business. And I just hate the thought of that happening as the result of a law that has, at the core, great intent. Protect our children. ABSOLUTELY. Just be careful about wording...

Last...friends, if you are one of these people, don't hate me. I just don't want to be one of those bloggers who ends up with all the acronyms on my blog that NO ONE understands...20dd8w, BFP, BFN, CP, MC, Beta, TTC, yada yada yada...okay...obviously, people understand, but I don't. I have to google them to figure them out. IF IVF works, rest assured, you'll know where I stand. But, linguistically, it will be a bit easier to understand. At least, I hope it will!

Okay, this is REALLY a present to me...I used the gift card John got me for Christmas (and some hard-saved money) and bought a dress I have been LOVING since it came out at New Year's...It was a splurge, I TOTALLY admit...but I loved it, had a gift card, and will use it for my Easter dress. Unless I am showing.

Ha ha...


  1. AWESOME Dress, and you will look wonderful in it. The good news is you shouldn't be showing yet by Easter so you can wear it!! Yay. I'm so excited. Who knows, not eight, but maybe two??

  2. awesome dress... just checking in.. been thinking about you!!
    Prayers are with you always...

  3. I am so excited for you. Prayers are coming your way my friend :)