Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Might as well be a coke addict...

Before you go freaking out about that title, just don't bother. That's EXACTLY what I feel like. I have more puncture marks in my veins, thighs and stomach than I can count, bruises in places I didn't even know could bruise, and am now on a regimen where I am injecting $600-$700 a night into my body. Sounds sort of like what I'd expect an addict to be feeling and doing.

(IVF--stop reading if you don't care...I don't really care to write about it either, if you want to know the truth...)
So, after Sunday's uneventful visit and instructions to stop the Lupron and up my dosage (by quite a bit) today's even LESS fun. The tech only saw two follicles that were close to measurable (one was 9.3 and the other was 8.5) and several other lazy pieces of junk (those are my terms, not hers) floating around the old ovaries. Then, I got my E2 results. 102. Yep. If you know how much that sucks on day 6, thanks for your sympathy. If you don't know how much it sucks, well...it sucks BIG TIME. And it means that I get to increase AGAIN. AND now have more shots. AND get to spend hundreds of more dollars. YIPPEE!!! Can't you just feel my glee?

Yeah, I know. I'm sarcastic. I'm also apparently not great at making follicles any more. A few years ago, by this point in the regimen and on FAR less medicine, I had 16 follicles and 9 significantly measurable.

Friends, getting older just isn't fun. Worse, realizing that just-about-to-be-36 is 'getting older' REALLY isn't fun.

How's this card?

(Front cover...with one of those pouty little sad faces) Sorry you suck at making eggs.

(Inside...) At least you're tall and rich!

Oh, wait, no you're not.

Umm...I'm really sorry.


  1. I'm sorry, Lori. I am praying for y'all that the follicle you do have will work. You only need one. Or two in my case:)!

  2. I'm sorry. I'm even more sorry you've had to use Lupron..that is EVIL stuff! We'll keep praying for a BIG blessing in your family very soon.

  3. I am keeping you in my prayers as you continue to endure this misery. You are a better girl than me. I went to the fertility doctor one time and was told all I was going to have to go through and I came out and said "that's it, we're adopting". That was back when IA was not such a pain in the tail. You'll have a baby at the end of all of this. Keep the faith!

  4. Gosh that's frustrating! But you know... you only need one good egg so I'm holding out hope for you that one of those follies can get it together! :)

  5. That sucks! I can't even imagine how frustrating that is. Keeping my fingers crossed that the increase makes a big change. Big hugs!