Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tagged times a million!

In light of the fact that I am thinking this cycle may end up cancelled (and seriously, don't bother telling me not to fret over it. It's my party and I'll fret if I want to. ) I figured I would try and do some mindless little things that I have been tagged with, noted by, read and therefore by default been tagged, you get the drift. Actually, pretty much exactly what I need to take my mind off things.'s the first one. You put your name and the word 'needs' in quotes in the google search box and see what pops up. Here's what, according to Google, "Lori needs:"

1) Lori needs to vent. ('Aint that the truth. Actually, no I don't. I vent quite a bit more than I'd like to, sadly.)

2) Lori needs help. (Duh. In oh, sooooo many things....)

3) Lori needs a team. (NO...actually, one or two would be LOVELY. EIGHT is ridiculous. Next...)

4) Lori needs a life. (Yeah, seriously...I know I do. I've been telling John that for ages.)

5) Lori needs magic. (Oh, boy, do I ever....follicles that grow like magic. E2 numbers that magically quadruple every day!)

6) (Clearly) Lori needs a gelato machine. (Nah. I'd rather just go back to Italy. Living there would be quite wonderful.)

7) Lori needs friends. (Hey, I'm a stranger to no one, but I have to say, I really do have some wonderful ones as it is. Truly, I have friends I love and who love me...I'm rich!)

8) Lori needs to let herself off the hook. (Hmmmm....I'm going to give that one a probably. But knowing what one needs to do and doing it are two different things.)

9) Lori needs to quit. (Wow. This is a loaded need. Yes. That's all I'll say about that.)

10) Lori needs our well wishes. (How funny....this blog is always full of well mean anonymous person....I think I'm pretty rich in that arena as well!)

So...there you have it...Google's top 10 of my needs. Who needs Dr. Phil?

The other one is basically you erase my answers and put your own in--the caveat is that each answer has to start with the first letter of your name. You can also only use the word once. May be a bit more challenging...

1. What is your name? Lori
2. A four letter word: live
3. A boy's name: Luke (I LOVE this name!!!)
4. A girl's name: Lily
5. An occupation: Licensed vet technician
6. A color: lilac
7. Something you wear: long johns
8. Something you buy: lamps
9. A food: lentils
10. Something found in the bathroom: Lime Away.
11. A place: Laos
12. A reason for being late: lost your keys
13. Something you shout: Loser. (Usually only at John and in jest...)
14. A movie title: Legally Blonde
15. Something you drink: lemonade
16. A musical group: Little River Band
17. An animal: lion
18. A street name: Lee Blvd.
19. A type of car: Little red corvette (give me a break...I SO don't know cars!)
20. The title of a song: Last Dance
21. Something you'd rather not have: Lazy ovaries
22. A bug: Ladybug, of course.
23. Something scary: Losing John
24. Something beautiful: little ones
25. Something you want: little ones. (OKAY...I did use that twice. Sue me. Again, remember, it's MY party...)

Okay. I'm done.

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