Friday, February 13, 2009

Today's post is sponsored by the letter 'P'

Well, as I'm a big fun of the always entertaining Maria, I read her list of 'B' loves...and told her I was game for being assigned a letter... so.... here goes!:

Here are the rules…If you want to play, leave a comment on this post letting me know, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things (after doing it, I realized I ended up with 11, but oh well!) you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on!

My letter is 'P' --

People! Yes, that's right, I love people! (Even you, mean anonymous blogger who wrote another mean, loser email to me! I'm thinking you just don't have enough love in your life (or a real life to attend to) and so, I feel really bad for you and just LOVE YOU TO DEATH!) Anyway, I am, what you call, a 'People Person' and always have been. Maybe because I love to talk, and people are required for conversation. Well, not really, but the wall is not as much fun to talk to as PEOPLE are!

Purses! I won't lie, as I get older, matching my purses is not as big a deal to me as it used to be, but I do love cute purses--especially with matching shoes. I'm a cheapskate, so I won't pay much for them, but REALLY love getting them as gifts since I won't dish the bucks out!

Presents! I really am one of those people who loves giving presents as much as I love getting them! Maybe even more. I just truly enjoy finding that perfect thing for someone I care about and then watching them really enjoy it. In the spirit of honesty, I like getting them too, though I am hard to buy for, I know. I like to be surprised, but hate to be surprised with good intention but bad poor dear husband knows this! In any event, presents are a great joy in my life!

Purpose! I am a purposeful person. I like to have a plan, and I like to have drive. Some call it high-strung. Potato, Po*tah*to. Either way, I like knowing I was put here on this planet for a reason, and I daily ask for guidance and help from God in filling my purpose.

Plans! Falling right in line with loving a purpose, I love a good plan! Heck, I'm okay with a bad plan. I just NEED a plan. I worry about things not because I like to worry (I don't) and not because I am a pessimist (I'm not) but because if I worry about EVERYTHING--worst-case scenario included--I can PLAN for it. And then, I don't worry as much. Sensible or not, it is who I am.

Prayer! I find great comfort in knowing that I can pray to my Lord any time, any where, for any reason--PERIOD. Prayer to me is like talking to a wonderful Friend--safe, comforting, understanding...just a nice warm blanket that I can wrap around myself. Even when I pray in desperation, and sadly, the human in me does that a lot, I am safe.

Pictures! Pictures and photographs are so beloved to me. They are memories never forgotten and they are precious. One of the things I love best about my hallway upstairs is all the old family pictures of John and me on the walls. I love taking pictures, and would really like to be a photojournalist. I think it would be very cool.

Principle! I'm very principled. Period. I believe right is right and wrong is wrong and that it is my job to make sure that justice prevails. I'm very firm in my beliefs, and am not easily swayed. Being this stubborn is often hard for me because I also try my hardest to not judge others. I truly believe we are not to judge, lest we be judged, but make no mistake. I will not 'ram' my beliefs or principles down your throat, but I'll be darned if you try to insinuate mine are any less worthy because they are 'churchy' or religiously-based. I believe in fair play for opposing sides, and I believe in the end....well, we'll all know without a doubt what the truth is.

Puppies! Oh, am I a sucker for the puppies! And the kitties. And the bunnies. And the baby goats even. Heck, anything baby is just about the best thing EVER, but I really do love the pups! I am a dog lover (bet you couldn't tell) and just can't think of too many things that are cuter than a sweet little wrinkly puppy giving you those little licks with that puppy breath. Pure bliss.

Of course, they then grow up into the prissy, persnickety little Diva that my Dixie Belle is, but still...she was so darned cute as a puppy!

Parents! (And Grand-parents!) I love my parents. I tear up as I type this because I miss my mom so much. My mom and I were very similar in a lot of things, so sadly, lots of conflict! But lots and lots of love too. My mom is the reason behind my love of purpose, prayer, pictures, people...(NOT a planner, though!) mom chose life when she chose to have me, and for that, I'm eternally grateful. My dad was a man, who chose me as well. He loved my mom, so he loved me. He took me to the Spelling Bee, taught me to love Beef with Broccoli and walked me down the aisle. Lord knows if nothing else, my dad tries to be the best dad he knows how to be, and I am blessed. My grandmothers (didn't have grandfathers, really) so loved me. My Grandmother Gosnell acted as if the world revolved around me (I totally dug that!) and I know it was because she just loved me and thought I could do anything. My Grandmother Mullins, especially as I became an adult, was so thankful for my continued contact with her when other cousins didn't have so much...she may have had her reservations about my mom and dad when I was a baby, but I know she loved me and thought of me as her own flesh and blood. She even told people I got my hair, skin and eyes from her!

Best of all, I got more parents! John's dad was a wonderful man, and again, I tear up as I think of him. He was kind, generous, intelligent, and just an incredible man. I always felt like he was pretty pleased with the gal his son brought home, and loved him so much. One of the (few) benefits of being stationed here at Pax River is how close we are to 'home' in Northern Virginia. It is very comforting to know that John's mom is so close by and always welcomes us 'home' with open arms. Being in the military, home sort of loses meaning, but whether it's because she still (after 16 years!) makes sure 'our' bathroom is clean when we get there, or because she makes us wonderful home-cooked meals or just because she lets us bring our dogs and doesn't grimace once (to US, at least!) about it--home is home because mom always makes it so for us. She's also generous and thoughtful and I'm so lucky to call her mom.

Pensacola! Oh, the beach in Pensacola is absolutely beautiful! I've been to the West Coast and seen the Pacific, I've been to Italy, I've been to Greece, I've been to Croatia, I've been to the Bahamas, I've been to Hawaii....all lovely, I give you. But I have to say that my favorite beach of the whole world is Pensacola...and mostly because that beach's town was home for us for a few years and home for so many wonderful memories for us! Now granted, we were newly married, with John in flight school, so it was tough at times, but we had such a network of wonderful friends! You always hear about how you make friends in the military that stay with you forever, right? Well--for us, Pensacola did not disappoint! Pensacola didn't just provide a wonderful town, wonderful beach, wonderful church and wonderful fun, but FAMILY that we treasure to this very day. Pensacola is my dream retirement place.

WOW! I thought P was hard! Then, I got on a roll and now I've thought of so many more! I love pansies, popcorn, princess crowns, pink frilly dresses, polka-dots, pajamas, penguins, peace, plump pillows, playing cards and board games, popsicles, potato-chips, pickles, pilates, price mark-downs and passports...oh, and to think I was dreading P!

If you are interested in a letter (if you are still reading this incredibly long post) just say so!!!


  1. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, BUT... he couldn't have done a more beautiful job on the letter "P" than you did!! You did me "P"roud!!

  2. Loved your post, Lori! And, I'll play! Give me a letter, just not Q or X or Z! But, I'm not picky, lol!

  3. Hey there. I am catching up on your blog....can't believe I was three entries behind! Loved the "P" post. I am also amazed that someone would write you a mean comment.

    Seriously, Lori is truly one of the sweetest people I please don't send her rude comments!

    We need to catch up! Miss you tons.

  4. Have you met Maria? If not, I just want to assure you that she is MUCH more entertaining in person especially when punchy from sleep deprivation and hunger. I know, hard to believe given her humor on her blog but it's true!