Friday, February 20, 2009

Don't let the title fool you...

Yeah, don't let it. The title of the email I got this update from was something kin to "Kyrgyzstan issues eviction notice," but as a gal who has been married to a Marine for nearly 12 years, I can tell you friends that basically they are telling us to get the h*ll out of there. And fast. John's take on this? "Oh, we'll probably ask how much the Russians are giving them and we'll try to match that. It's a pretty key base." Oh super! I was wondering how this country was going to get itself into even MORE debt!!! Rock on in racing to beat the Russians! (Wow, for some reason I just had some 80's flashbacks!) For Pete's sake. In any event, we all knew this was coming...somehow it just helps hammer home the fact that I don't think we will be adopting a child from this country. Ever.

In other news *IVF, that is* we (Ha ha--'we' my foot. Only one of us had the pleasure of the bloodwork and the woo-woo ultrasound and it WASN'T John!) had the Lupron evaluation yesterday. All was well. Blood levels good. One ovary has 4 follicle looking things and the other has 5. Sounds great, especially considering I started the actual follicle stimulating drugs last night and have always been a great responder to those drugs. My only worry is that those little follicle looking things don't grow up to be fruitless cysts in the next couple of days. More drugs tonight, and tomorrow night, then we go in first thing in the AM on Sunday and see what's been going on in there. If this is anything like the last time we were on these drugs, they will be wowed and amazed at my ability to make lots and lots of follicles. Odds are in the next week and a half, I will have finished the drugs, had the eggs retrieved and be on the way to transfer some embryos.

Where is Hallmark when you need them? I absolutely think that deserves some kind of sentiment:

"(Front Cover) On this, your special day.... (Inside) May all the eggs you put in one uterus be looking for the right womb. Hope it's yours."

Seriously. I think I have found a new career.


  1. I am SO going on Photoshop to make that card!!!

  2. Here's to gettin some buns in your oven!! best of luck, girl!

  3. Really hoping for the BEST for you with the upcoming IVF!!! I am praying praying praying that you get the bestest birthday gift ever. Best wishes!!!