Thursday, January 8, 2009

H@ppy For No Reason...

SO, the book that the doctor said I had to read came in. Yeah...I'll get right on that. Not.
(Though I will read it, I guess...)

In any event, how's this for hope? I had to go to the doctor yesterday AGAIN and talked about some of my medicines, what they are doing to my face (seriously, as if getting old is not bad enough on my eggs, apparently it is making up for the lost acne time it missed during puberty and loading me down now) and how to get Tricare to pay for the IVF drugs. She is wonderful, really. I'm very lucky for military care.

So, at the pharmacy, which is also the home of the exchange, I checked out the after Christmas sales while I waited for my prescriptions. And I bought a "My First Christmas" stocking. In PINK and BLUE.

You want hope, Dr. K? I got your hope.

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