Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who Knew? I'm pretty sure at some point I've mentioned how annoying those stupid little word verification boxes are. Useful, helpful, protective...sure...all those. Still, ANNOYING for those of us who feel like idiots because we are bested by some dumb stuck-together letters that mostly don't make sense, and you can't figure out if it is an 'r', an 'h', an 'l' or a 'k' without really spending some quality time thinking about it.

In fact, as I dutifully type the letters in all the boxes of all those whom I read, I think to myself, "I'm glad I'm such an open book...naive, maybe, that I put myself out there, but enough of an open book and not worried about comments or info stealing or stuff like that because these boxes are annoying and I'd hate to have to have them on my blog."

Well, imagine my surprise at Maria's comment to my last post?


So, now, friends, I guess I'm going to have to just say "Suck it up" if you don't like mine because you know darned good and well if I didn't even know I had one, I sure as heck am not going figure out how to get rid of it.

And please don't worry about emailing me and telling me how to get rid of it. I'd figure it out if I really cared, and obviously I don't. In fact, I now think it is funny. Still annoying (and sorry for that, friends) but funny.

I have to say, I loved the word 'natal' for Maria, though...half the time the words are written like some ancient Sanskrit and mean nothing but gobbledy-gook, but I am always interested when it is actually a word...and I too wonder if it 'means' anything. So, Maria...thanks for telling me. Here's hoping! (And laughing!)

In the meantime...found this and thought it funny:

Email to Blicky from the Google Word Verification Writer

Dear Blicky,
I've been cartym your blog for several muykjls now and I really find it to be quite monotenc. Your insights into the issue of kpoxdrk and eerobnj are truly unique. Thanks to you I really see bjdqirv in a completely different light. I am definitely going to yudrynk to it and I'm going to tell all my dfrewops to do the same!
As you might guess I myself am also a eerobnj writer. My career has taken an unexpected zufarc. People never seem to klopsh the words that I smwm. Some people see my capptcha talent and have tried to create a bijwurtz dictionary, but I'm sad that my work isn't more kploditsch. I always thought I had a way with mgatfflins.
I saw the picture of your sigwmb owner in real life. She is totally jhugiop. Do you think you could get me her tsayuip? Is she dgyrst? I hope not. What a podiebf of promatz!!
Posted by Blicky Kitty at 10:06 PM

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