Monday, January 26, 2009

Looking Good!

Okay...first, I cannot tell all 13 of you who read this blog (hee hee) how much I value the input, comments, emails, prayers, thoughts, suggestions, advice, love, consideration, and utter sincerity that you have given to me. Each and every word has been pored over; each and every heartfelt thought given to me appreciated to no end. I am a very lucky girl. Thanks, former Mr. Vice President, Al Gore. (You know, since he invented the Internet and all...)

On that note, I am 98% sure that our referral opportunity is not going to work out. Mainly because the security issue is simply too great. NOT because it can't be done; it can. However, John being a member of the military with a top secret security clearance simply adds a different dimension. We can't just sneak in under a radar--and this country just isn't fond of men like John. Soo...

That being said, I am 98% at peace with this conclusion. I think until our child, whoever he or she is, is in his or her home with us, I will never have validations for many of the decisions we are making. I just have faith that if this was meant to be, I'd feel that I should fight for it more, or that I would have more disappointment over it not working out. I just don't. In fact, I am feeling really, REALLY jubilant about IVF...

Which brings me to my appointment today. I saw my doctor today and it was great. He reviewed some of the numbers of things we've done, looked over the gyno report (every time I say gyno, I am now going to hear Super-Hero music in my head and think, "" because that's what I think of that wonderful Dr. Davis I saw last week!), looked at John's stuff...and seemed very, very pleased. He said everything looked GREAT. Based on our numbers, statistically, I have a 48% chance of pregnancy and a 38% chance of live birth. That didn't sound great to me, but he said that considering nature gives about 25%, he was over the moon. Sounds good to me. Then, talking with my nurse, she said that my numbers looked fabulous and though she wasn't a doctor, she'd go out on a limb and say that she didn't even think we'd need the shared risk program!! Now, sounds GREAT to me. He told me that I will start a few things in 10 days and we should be looking for a positive pregnancy test around the beginning of March. Well, hello Sunshine!

Don't forget--my birthday is March 7. Now I don't just hope for two pink lines, I WANT two pink lines.

And, for the record, don't fire hate mail at me because I made fun of Al Gore's Internet invention remark. It is in good fun. He's working tirelessly for our planet, and he was Vice President of our country and whether I agree or disagree, like or don't, I am nothing if not respectful of anyone who purposefully and dutifully tries to serve our great country. Besides, I DO really love the Internet, and how he managed to do all he did and invent it is totally worthy of a shout-out.


  1. Ok then IVF is for you for sure! I'm excited like I know you or something and like I'm doing IVF too! Not that any of us deserve anything but you have been through so much and I think you deserve those 2 pink lines and a healthy birth! Excited and praying hard!

  2. My mom's birthday is Mar 7th too! It's a great day and hopefully you'll get 2 pink lines! Great news on the IVF, sad news about the other but God has her family in mind! Don't you fret about it, He answers prayer very clearly!

  3. no hate coming from me on the Internet remark! I was smiling for sure. Great news from your doc. If nothing else, the shared risk should keep you more relaxed in knowing you have more chances. Having a little less is always a good thing!

  4. Well, I know, we REALLY should give credit where credit is due and since he SAID he invented the Internet, he surely must have because politicians NEVER lie, right?

    Anyway --- I cannot WAIT to hear that you are preggers. Man, that growing belly thing is lots of fun!! :-) I will really be excited to follow along, just like I have so far.

    Gyno-Man -- really...

  5. Praying you will see those two pink lines soon!I am exited for you!

  6. Praying hard that you see two pink lines on your birthday. Now that would be a birthday of all birthdays!

  7. I am so loving your blog Lori! Just so you know - you now have 14 readers :) I don't always comment, but I'm following along. My heart goes out to you girl - and my prayers and excitement are with you.