Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another funny show...

Okay, so as I am finishing up with chores today (and good grief, did I have a lot...still not done!) I took a few minutes to sit on the sofa and enjoy the I just moved the rug from in front of the coffee table to under the coffee table, I wanted to get the feel, you know? (This, on the recommendation of HGTV saying that "Floating Rugs" is a top 25 decorating blunder. Whew. Averted that crisis.)

Anyway, so I see a new show--The Principal's Office, on TruTV. It is HILARIOUS. At least this one was. The preface is that this dear AP is trying to be the friend of these two boys, since they are popular and leaders, in hopes that the boys will then take it to their high school masses that dirty dancing is wrong. Well, these boys are just smart-*sses, and as sad as I am to say it, they CRACKED me up. So, for your viewing pleasure, enjoy....note their mostly straight faces as they totally play with this guy, and ESPECIALLY note how they walk out of his office together. I dare you not to laugh when they dance and then show the principal that they could even stop and pose. Priceless. Sad state of the disrespect kids show adults, but still, I couldn't help but laugh.


  1. Thanks for that! After teaching high school, I just shake my head at what I deal with. The episode that they "highlighted" on The Soup was from a school 15 minutes from my house.

  2. I am laughing so hysterically about that show!!! I wish I got that channel. Oh my goodness, and I can't stop laughing!!!!!! The worst part is, I work with kids like that at the middle school!!

    Thanks for sharing Lori :)


  3. OMG that is sooo funny. I hope Ben isnt that way in 15 years. But, with me as a Mom he probably will. lol. thanks