Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Letters and phone calls...

So, one of my favorite things is reading letters from kids to different people, theories, entities, etc...In light of the Obama-Rama we are experiencing, bookmakers are no different in looking for ways to get theirs. So, of course, Kids' Letters to President Obama is now a new book. I found a few excerpts, and as a teacher, many looked familiar. Here's one of my faves, though, with my comments detailing why:

Dear President Obama,

Here is a list of the first ten things you should do as president:

1. Fly to the White House in a helicopter. (Oh, friend, he will SURELY do that. And, at the risk of sounding biased, it will be a WONDERFUL Marine who pilots that helicopter!)
2. Walk in. (Loving this girl. Very specific in her directions. She'll make a great wife.)
3. Wipe feet.(Of COURSE! Can't have mud in the oval office, can we???)
4. Walk to the Oval Office. (Honestly, walking is overrated. You're the president...I say go for the hover-craft.)
5. Sit down in a chair (Here's what I love...little Chandler is giving him options. Doesn't want to sound TOO bossy, so she gives him chair choice. I'd say sit in the one behind the big desk, but that's just me.)
6. Put hand sanitizer on hands. (This girl ROCKS! I mean, seriously. Do you KNOW how dirty those helicopters are? NOT TO MENTION that as President, you are stuck shaking a lot of hands. It is cold and flu season, baby. SANITIZE!!)
7. Enjoy moment. (Ohhhhh....SO my kind of girl! Structured enjoyment. Digging it...digging it!)
8. Get up. (Enjoyment's up, pal. Worlds to save and all...)
9. Get in car. (That would be the mack-daddy car you now are going to be driven around in 24-7. No more driving for you!)
10. Go to the dog pound. (And buddy, make good on that promise! In fact, I am fostering the sweetest, most gentle, kind and loving Golden Retriever...he'd make the BEST First Dog. Seriously.)

Sincerely,Chandler Browne, age 12, Chicago

Now, as the kid's name is Chandler, the possibility exists that this is a boy and not a girl. But come on! Wipe feet? Sanitize hands? Give step by step directions that even a man (yes, even the male president) cannot possibly foul up? That REEKS of the Double X chromosomes, my friend...REEKS.

Another letter came in the form of one from my agency. Apparently, Kyrgyz is moving, but slowly. We may want to think about a different country if we are uncomfortable with the wait.
REALLY? I had no idea.

What the heck? Luckily, there is another agency with a wonderful handle on the situation and I have been fortunate enough to be included with emails from said agency. THEREFORE, the email today was sort of insult to injury. What other country? What other country would be faster than waiting for Kyrgyz? I mean, I'm feeling like Kyrgyz will be another YEAR or more anyway, so really...the wait is going to be everywhere. In any event, I thankfully am about 27 steps ahead of my agency, but I thanks anyway. I know, sarcastic, but really....come on.

And as for phone calls? Well, Dr. K's nurse called today and told me that I needed to schedule a follow-up with him for Tuesday. Why? Well, odds are he is signing off on the IVF acceptance and we need to meet to discuss the next steps. Well, okay then! Looks like we'll start in February. My birthday is March 7. Wouldn't two pink lines be a great birthday gift???


  1. Yes! The Dr. is signing off on the IVf? Great for you! I forgot to mention I'm an ex K-5 teacher so I really enjoy your kid stories too! Praying for you! Oh and I'm glad at least some agency is giving out info even if it isn't encouraging at the moment. We were one of the 1st families to go to Kaz with our agency and at times I felt like they didn't communicate clearly- it is frustrating for sure! 2 pink lines for your b-day? Ok I'm holding our for that for you! You really have an amazing attitude.

  2. Girl, wouldn't 2 pink lines be a birthday present. I also don't get when the agencies are saying consider another country. That is a complete joke. We have been doing concurrent with China and have been waiting 3 years in April since our LID. That is the reason we started our Kyrgyz adoption and look where we are at now. What countries do they suggest are less than a 2 year and greater wait. What a complete stinkin joke!

  3. You will definitely be covered in prayer when you begin this first (and hopefully only) IVF cycle. I love you, girl!

  4. You know you just *might* get to go the "AMBER path" and deliver a bio baby (or TWO!) before those of us who stay waiting with Kyrgyz ever get a referral! I will HOPE that is what God has in store for you... you could muster up the strength to wait another 9 months, right? :)