Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Catch-up! (Boys, again beware...)

Well, friends....it's been quite the few last days for me. The aforementioned fever was one heckuva fever and lasted for a few days. I was bummed a bit about the JCICS statement, so I failed to mention the fun I had earlier in the day. By fun, I'm being facetious. More like the opposite of fun. I had to have the ultrasound to see whether the cysts had gone away.

Keep in mind that I had to go to our local hospital to do this--which worried me in the fact that I usually have the woo-woo ultrasounds (woo-woo being technical for vaginal, of course...aren't you glad you are reading this NOW?) done by someone who does them professionally, often and for me. By FOR me, I mean that they um...well, they place the apparatus where it's supposed to go. Not this time. Nope. Apparently since it is just your run-of-the mill tech manning the machines, they give you the *magic wand* and tell you to get it there. Excuse me? Umm...how do I get THAT to happen?

So, without making you totally throw up, once the deed has been done, I of course looked as hard as I could to find out whether or not it looked the same as it did a few weeks ago. It was different, and as the tech told me, she couldn't tell me anything because she was just the tech and I'd find out when I met with the doctor, I didn't really learn anything. She DID take several measurements of something on the one ovary, and nothing on the other, so my gut said that there was something there. Honestly, I'm thinking that here's this woman wanding me up and she can't tell me if there are cysts there or not and I was pretty perturbed. I was thinking that we were more intimate than that. In any event, she DID tell me that I was running a fever, 102.3 to be precise, and told me that she hoped I brought a picture of the baby by when it was all said and done. Which eased my perturbed-ness a bit, since that seemed to be her non-committal way of telling me that the cysts weren't a big deal.

And, apparently, she was right. I saw my new super-hero, OB-GYN Man, Dr. Davis. He said that there still was a cyst, but no longer 3 or more. He said the one existing cyst was minuscule, and that there was nothing gynecologically speaking, based on my tests/reports/pictures/history/etc. that should prevent IVF from being successful and he would definitely sign me off. So...now it will be up to Dr. K at Shady Grove to decide whether we qualify for the shared risk program. Dr. Davis sees no reason for us not to. We'll know in a few days.

Dr. Davis was very forthright and a great listener. He said that I am on a mission; it'll be hard-core and there's no choices but success or not. A little pregnant will not work, live birth is the gold medal and I am at the Olympics. He also said that it was very obvious that my humor was my defense mechanism, and it had obviously served me well over the last 9+ years. (Did I mention that he was very intelligent also? Well, he was!) I asked him realistically whether or not he thought there was a magic number of cycles I should attempt before deciding it would not be successful and he told me that if he was teaching me to swim, he'd keep throwing me in until I learned. Period. So, if I have 6 options, then 6 is how many times I'm going to try. Again, period. So...I liked him. He's a lot like me. It is what it is, and you do what you have to do. It's alright to get discouraged, but suck it up, buttercup because there isn't a lot of time for dwelling. I'm all about that.

And, for the record, when the ultrasound tech tells you that there's so much gel on the wand, there will be no worries about it going in...well, she's right. One does not need to worry about it going in. One should worry about WHERE it goes in. And that's all I have to say about that.


  1. I haven't commented on here but one time but I just wanted to encourage you on your journey. I'm very sorry the int'l adoption process is so long now. It took us 2 years. I so enjoy your sense of humor and have been where you are. Literally with the wand and the cysts and all of it! I didn't do IVF- chickened out. I now know it was because we needed to adopt our daughter. I have a bio son but then couldn't get pregnant again. I have PCOS and insulin resistance. Don't write me off b/c I have kids. I have such a heart for young women desiring to be mothers. In fact I think that is why the Lord allowed certain cirmcumstances in my life. I want to encourage you. Glad you like your doctor and I am praying for the whole process for you! Sounds like you have a hopeful future ahead of you. Don't lose your joy and determination!

  2. Hope that fever thing goes away soon! I always hate when the ultrasound techs does not tell you anything about what they are taking pictures of!Hoping they give you good news!