Sunday, January 4, 2009

What I DIDN'T Get for Christmas...

Imagine how saddened I was when I logged on to Etsy this morning and realized that the beloved gift I had been coveting for myself was SOLD OUT! Who knew? That's what always happens to the good stuff, though...I should have bought them when I saw them, but I was just hoping...hoping...hoping against all hope that FINALLY John might listen to me and catch my subtle hints on gifts I'd like...alas, they were not to be.

So, dear and beautiful earrings, I'll fondly bid you an 'adieu' from the web and know we'll always have the Etsy picture to remind us of what we could have been together...

These are made of real recycled taxidermy squirrel feet.You can choose between a pair of earrings or a necklace. *see pictures to decide*Please conversation with me to tell me which one you want after you make your purchase.They have been professionally freeze dried. Measure about 2" from tip to cap.FREE SHIPPING IN UNITED STATES AND WORLDWIDE!!!

*For the record* John WAS listening here and there because I got the Multiple Blessings (Jon and Kate's) book and was completely surprised! Maybe next year for the earrings...


  1. Too bad about not scoring a pair of those professionally freezed dried rodent feet earnings. Frankly, I would have put the order in early for the entire matching set (earrings and necklace) because those things are HOT!

    Pamela (your Greater Metro DC neighbor)

  2. I had to go to the website and see all for myself. WOW! I know what everyone is getting next personal favorites are the human teeth rings - or the "lucky" feet with the wishbone necklace. Genius!

  3. You guys are nuts!!! I'm glad your husband was wise to your wishes:)

  4. RECYCLED squirrel feet??? What? Do they mean second hand; the first being the squirrel?
    Now if I just had a squirrel purse to go with....
    In case you're wondering what they do with the rest of the squirrel
    I guess no one told her they're a rodent!