Thursday, October 9, 2008

TAG! Thanks, Jenny! dear friend Titanium Woman tagged me to tell 10 of my husband's favorite things. Hmmmmm....seeing as Dixie (the PITA that she is) seems to be the reason he lives and breathes, maybe I can get away with using her for numbers 1-10?


Okay...let's see....

(And, of course, in no particular order!)

1. Dixie. I tell you, I have never seen anyone more enamoured with a dog in my life. He carries this 67 pound beast around like a baby. She whines, he jumps. She bats her little doggy eyelashes, he's PUTTY. That dog is the reason that I know he will be a great dad--if he's this much of a sap over a DOG, I can only imagine the trouble I will be in for when Emma comes along...

2. Airplanes. Loves them, flies them, watches them, learns about them, spouts off useless information about them, was made for them. Enough said.

3. His parents. John truly does love his parents. He has the total love of a son for his mom that I hope to have one day with a son of my own. (No, I don't want Emma to be an only child!! With how much her daddy will spoil her, I will need someone to balance the power!!!) He has an admiration for his mother that is very touching in a man, and though he won't admit it, he is a total momma's boy. Which is not a bad thing. And his dad...his dad was a wonderful, brilliant man who John misses every day, even though he doesn't voice it. He doesn't have to. I know how much his dad meant to him every time he tells me something I know he wishes he could tell his dad, or every time he looks at a plane (see above) or hears Lee Greenwood's "Proud to Be An American,"-- I know that John's world is what it is because of his dad and I know that for John, no greater man has ever lived.

4. Virginia Tech Football. This is a love we both share! In fact, let's just change that to Virginia Tech period--football one part of the many things we both love about Tech. We met there, fell in love there, and in a sense, grew up together there. Blacksburg is beautiful, we love our Hokies and know that little Emma will love it as much as we will. Period.

5. Camping. God love him, he's a camper. Bless his heart, I am not. He loves it. Loves the cold, brisk air so he can snuggle into a sleeping bag and hear the crickets chirp. Loves to cook a gourmet steak meal over an open fire with soaked oak chips. Lives for sitting around said fire with good friends and some Wild Turkey or Jack Daniels. In fact, is going camping this very weekend and is soooo excited, even I can't stand it for him!

7. Fishing. Much like camping, fishing is something John just loves. One with nature, thrill of the catch--all that mess. More than that, he loves to eat those babies up, so for the most part, I'm ok with him loving to fish. I'm not a big fish fan, though, so, it's just for the most part I'm ok with it...I hate those poor little fish eating the hook just for the sport. Then again, it does make my boy soooooo happy...

8. Cooking. I know, I know..I'm lucky. He may not readily admit that he loves cooking, but he does. He has a spice cabinet that is far more extensive than my shoe collection in its diversity, and you can just see him go to his happy place when he samples something marvelous he's made. It's just plain magic.

9. Carpentry. Again, I know I am lucky. He loves creating and building things and he is SOOOOOO darned good at it!! I mean, right now...the boy has--from scratch, mind you--designed, bought supplies for and nearly finished a shed. In just a couple of days. After work. AND BY HIMSELF! He's amazing in the things he can see in his mind, and even more amazing in how he can bring them to life. I TOTALLY tell him just to pay someone to do it, and he says no because he enjoys it!! Go figure. (But, keep building, honey, keep building!!)

10. Traveling. He LOVES to go on adventures...the more off the beaten path, the better. Drives me NUTS. He's all about the experience of the unknown--the adrenaline, the thrill of the something unique and individual. He's the one that wants to just drive through some small village in the middle of Italy and HOPE someone is willing to just take us in for dinner and a bed. More than that, he's the one that has DONE that...and is a better person for the whole affair. He's one brave fellow, that guy!

Wow...I thought this would be difficult--at least to be authentic about it, but it wasn't. John is the most intelligent, hard-working (under the right motivation) adventurous man I know. He is a sap with animals and I know he will be so with his little girl. He is trust-worthy and very well-respected among his peers for his ability to be diplomatic and open-minded.

Yep, I guess I did alright.

Now...TAG to: Monica, Nanci, Amber and Lisa

I'd love to TAG Maria, but seeing as she is bringing The Princess home, she may be a bit busy!!!


  1. Lord have mercy, girl, have you lost your mind??? Tag me??? Now. Ha! Well, let me just sum it up - my hubby loves ... me!!!! :-) God, his son, his daughter, golf, traveling, the SciFi channel, UK Wildcats, Christian music, church, our cats and dogs, our marriage and spinach artichoke dip. Can you get more concise than that?? Hugs, friend. I'm off in less than 24 hours!

  2. Love your list, Lori! Having tasted John's cooking, I know you are a lucky girl. ;)

  3. hey lori, thanks for commenting on our "we know the good stuff" blog. i checked out your blog and it's darling..and congrats on the new baby coming soon!!! we are welcoming our first girl in January and can't wait! feel free to stop by our blog anytime!