Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We're OFF! the risk of...well, I don't know--sharing something I can't see any reason not to share, but with times being as they are...we are officially off to Emma's country! Not sure of what's next, but know we are at least moving along and someone in the Kyrgyz embassy was ok enough with us to send us on to their fair country. I HAVE learned that information I get and share needs to be more confidential--for what reasons I can only fathom and am not really fond of--so I don't know how much more will be posted or not, but I have to say that from the very beginning of ALL of this, I have had faith that all would work the way it should--and worries about baby swapping or agencies stealing info and such would not even be blips on my radar. I still think that is the way it should be, but going through the process has shown me that it just isn' I will be more careful of what info I broadcast. I want to share it all, though, so I'll do my best.

So...on that we just need to find someone to rent (or buy, ha ha!) our first Maryland house. Emma's mommy needs to stay home next year and play patty-cake with her!


  1. That's great news! Hoping everything continues to move so swiftly. I'm glad you're catching up with me... onward now to the REAL waiting! :)

  2. Travel dates! That is great. Enjoy your time with your baby. Keep us posted as much as possible.

  3. Great News!It is good to know we are all moving forward!