Monday, October 6, 2008

Still Hangin' Tough...

Oh, of course I still am! Today everyone was asking about how the concert went, and OF COURSE, I had to gush, gush and gush some more. I still just can't get over what great seats we had, how great they sounded, how much love Joe shared with me, you know...the usual! Ha, anyway, I just got to keep reliving the whole thing all day long. Which is good for John because man, oh man, is he tired of hearing about it!

SO, I am walking down memory lane this weekend, on Facebook, I stumble along two TOTAL crushes I had growing up! One, since 3rd grade. The other, the one who took the place of the one from 3rd grade when we were in 9th grade. In fact, as I have told John before, this one was the one who started my trend with tall, blond, blue-eyed boys! Anyway, I didn't (STILL--which sort of irks me) have the guts to request friendship with the one from 3rd grade, but I TOTALLY sent a message to my friend from high school because though I had a massive crush on him, he was fairly oblivious (or just really polite) and we were friends regardless. So, it has been fun to see what has happened 20 years later! Bless his heart, I actually pulled out my scrapbook and found all sorts of momentos to him or from him that have still been saved (along with my NKOTB official corresopondence as a fan club member)and am actually a little (um, a LOT) embarrassed by my...stalking, for lack of a better word, I guess. Luckily, he is as good-natured now as he was back in high school, and has laughed along with me at my crazy teenage girl crush evidence! (Or, again, just being really polite!) The reason I put this all out there is because it turns out he has a website that I have visited before and never even known it. Apparently, KD, my ninth and tenth grade crush, is the owner of Yogi the Pug, a world-famous cutie that someone sent me the link to not too long ago. Isn't it a strange, small world? Seriously, not too long ago, a friend and I were laughing at some picture someone sent me that had SugarBush the Squirrel dressed up, and somehow, Yogi's picture got sent to me and I visited his website! Who would have thought in a million years that Yogi's dad was the same boy I was goo-goo eyed over in high school? Sure not me... answer to so many who have asked how I can not be totally embarrassed about my NKOTB's how:

In essence, the 35-year old woman I am says that it was a lot of money to spend, especially since we are pinching pennies for Emma and that catching up on all these people from high school via Facebook TOTALLY wastes time (that I complain I don't have in the first place) and energy.

BUT--and here's the BIG BUT--the 15-16 year old, short, gawky big-glasses wearing, big teethed, frizzy-haired, giddy, giggly and ridiculously girly girl in me is SCREAMING inside!!! Joey Joe blew ME a kiss!!! KD actually REMEMBERS ME!!! Let me reiterate--SCREAMING inside. Sometimes it takes TWENTY FREAKING YEARS, but even ugly ducklings get a swan moment once or twice in their life!!


  1. I LOVE it and totally agree. The concert was so much fun! Just pure joy! Everyone should have such an experience!

  2. oh my gosh, i am dying...i had/have the same obsession with NKOTB, and Joey Joe too! they are coming here to salt lake in november and i cannot wait. oh and he blew you a kiss...ahhhhh!