Friday, October 31, 2008

My annual laryngitis rounds begin...

Well, whether you knew me (or of me) or not around this time last November is not necessarily important to know ho how totally "Lori-land" my latest news is. addition to the sinus infection I am now being treated for, I have laryngitis. I had laryngitis 3 (yep, THREE) times last school year, and the first bout came up right about now--in 2007. It's a little early, this year, as my last year's round came up closer to the middle of November (had to miss my kids Thanksgiving program during the day, but made it for the evening performance) because I was in the same fix. Well, if nothing, I am consistent.

So...laryngitis, my friends, is NOT fun. First, I am a talker. No, you say? Ha ha. Second, laryngitis does not really hurt your throat, it hurts your chest. Throw in a lovely upper-respiratory infection and folks, you have GREAT sleeping conditions. NOT. Last, being out of school is really more of a pain than being there--sub plans (though wonderful subs make life so much easier), rescheduled observations, and honestly, missing some really sweet kids.

Needless to say, as frustrated and discouraged and sad as I have been about the wait times, I imagine the last few days of my negativity have been sort of colored by ill health. At least I hope so, because in looking back over the past posts and little status updates on Facebook, I am not really proud of my bad attitude. I went to John Wright's site today and he posts about these poor, poor people who had animals stolen and killed...I hope he doesn't mind, but in an email, John said, " As for the kids losing the sheep... For them, it is more then sheep, A persons place in society is determined by the # of animals that they have... Yet they have such faith, it's almost like they say ... God gave them to us, They are His to do with as He see's fit .... I guess it is a reminder to us that we have what we have , only by the grace of God.... I am sure that with their attitude, they day will come when their flocks will cover the hillside in Orlofka! "

Talk about humbling. It is by the grace of God that I have what I have, and it is because of His plans for me that I don't have what I want yet...well, as much as that sucks for me, it's my cross to bear--to patiently wait as God's plans for me and my life unroll.

And, as I've said many times before, patience is just not one of my strongest skills. in Lori-land.


  1. You poor thing!Have you tried Licorice tea? It seems to smooth the chest as well.Hope your feeling better soon!

  2. Oh dear...I do remember the lack of voice last year. Ihope that you are feeling better. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I do want to continue posting, but it feels odd without the marathon as a focus. Maybe I will keep going though...I wouldn't want to upset my readers! LOL! Hope you are having a good weekend.