Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Okay...granted, I have some killer sinus issues these days AND it is COLD (and I hate cold) AND John is supposed to leave soon and the projects are still not done AND I am dealing with school issues (as always...though not my kids--they are just the sweetest things EVER!) AND I could go on and on...those things said, I am just miserable. I have this awful, terrible feeling (based on the awful, terrible times so many waiting for their babies or referrals are going through) that we won't be seeing a child in this house for a good year and a half or MORE...which is certainly not what I was planning on back in March. I was hoping that August, September--we might be bringing her home. Well...based on all sorts of changes (AGAIN) and standstills in place already, it seems it may be more like we may not even be able to be APPROVED for a referral until oh, January/February MAYBE. Then, we may be able to expect a referral 10- 14 months AFTER THAT. THEN there's the time between trip 1 and trip 2 (which is going on way past several months for many now) and like I said...I bet we don't have her home for another year and a half or more, easy. And that, my friends, just makes me ill. I am in such a bad mood.

So, I won't write too much. I tried to commit myself to not stress about where our dossier is until maybe mid-January when it has been sitting there for several months, but I have to be honest. I look at the stories of others and follow their the boards and guestimate from others' agency info...and it just isn't that pretty, folks.

So...frustration. Sorry.


  1. Just keep praying. That is what I am trying to do. Things are really crummy right now and I am extremely depressed about it but I am putting my faith in God that he will see that these babies come home sooner than we are all thinking. You will get a referral sooner than a year. We are all here for each other.

  2. I hear you! Yes its frustrating and I got the referral for my son relatively quickly.I hope the wait isnt that long for your daughter but she will come. Christina is right. We are all here for each other, and praying..and hoping.. and plugging along with good days and bad days. Things can only get better!

  3. hey girl.. so sorry to hear you are having a tough time.. hang in there... and remember that God's timing is perfect... and when you have YOUR perfect Emma in your arms you'll know why the wait was so long!!! I am rereading what I wrote to you and telling myself the same things... I'ts so tough... God is SO faithful and He will see it come to pass!
    praying for you always..

  4. When God makes a promise, He will fulfill -- not always in our timeframes, unfortunately, but He will. We are proof of that. We waited three years before getting Ellie. But He was faithful to bring the right baby to us in His right time. I know it's hard; I've cried the tears and been angry too. Know that I continue to pray for all of you!!