Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Okay, anyone feel free to my excitement about the latest breakthrough, I wanted to add the newest to my timeline to Emma..and it is GONE! I tried to cutesie my stupid blog (trying to keep up with the Joneses, darnit!) and LOST MY TIMELINE!

I DID save the template before I changed it...according to some websites directions...anyone know if I can get it back and HOW? I hate to think I lost that timeline!!!


Sorry for the title.

**UPDATE** Umm, yeah...that timeline is GONE. I restored the old template, but when I 'lost' widgets, restoring them does NOT restore the 'configurations' that went with them. AKA the data for the only hope is that I uploaded to blurb and it is there enough for me to reconstruct. Otherwise...I have to go back and manually reconstruct by reading all the past posts. Oh well...maybe it is time to do a complete and thorough grammar check anyway....

God love the ellipsis. It's punctuation like those little buggers that get me through a time like this.


  1. Congrats on travel dates! (I think that's what the last post alluded to, it's hard not to want to share everything!) Sorry you lost your timeline, I hope you can find it on blurb.

  2. ok.. this is hilarous... go look at my blog and my post for tonight... I also embarked on a "keeping up with the Jones'" tonight... and well, I got about 2 hours into the mess... and regreted it all... LOL!!! I about died laughing when I came to your blog to see if you'd posted... and you'd done the same thing... I love the new background btw... it's one of the ones I would have picked if I was decorating for a girl!!!! Sure was tough to pass those up... which is weird to me, cause I have had my share of girly things.... hummmmmm.... strange....
    boy blog backgrounds just aren't as much fun....

  3. oh and one more thing.... you know how we both despise those stupid word verifications to post a comment.... well, I ran across the place to turn that off or on tonight... so I was excited about that... well, excited for all of you that is...

  4. Ok, I do not knw if it is correct or not, but your timeline still shows up at the top of the page of your blog on my computer...hmmm...weird.It says 1 month, 3 weeks and 4 days..I hope it is right!!! I am excited for you!!!