Monday, October 13, 2008

Go this!

Please, go to this site and read about the proposals that will affect pre-adoptive parents already in process of adopting children. (Though this affects those adopting from Hague countries, and Kyrgyzstan is not, children waiting are children waiting--regardless of where it is they wait!) As any one who has read my trials and tribulations with adoption paperwork knows, there are SOOO many hoops we have to jump through (many RIDICULOUS AND REDUNDANT) simply to parent our child. And, all things considered and based on others' experiences, we had it EASY! Well, one of those hoops is getting permission to adopt an orphan (we get this permission from our country)--and the process changed after we had already gotten approval. This change, at the time, was supposed to grandfather in those already in the process, and prevent them from having to go through the whole darned thing again should their approval run out and they simply need an extension (as is SO often the case, and sadly, I think will be the case for us as well)of their approval status. Apparently, that grandfather clause is about to become non-existent, and the move to keep that clause needs to be supported!! Forcing parents to START OVER instead of allowing them to extend (and folks, I'm not unreasonable...I'm not saying that extension should be forever--but at least as long as it takes--look at the lengths of wait times for some of these countries!) is just another money-making waste of tax-dollar resources. And pretty much a nice slap in the face to those poor people who have been AND STILL HAVE TO wait--just to bring their child home. PLEASE...go to the site, read up if you want, and voice your support to do something that for ONCE doesn't penalize poor parents-to-be just to make some flipping money.

Folks, the dow made record gains today. SURELY we don't need to keep nickeling and diming adoptive parents (any more than they already are) to keep our heads above the water.

I'm now stepping off my soapbox.

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  1. I did it Lori. I signed the petition and I emailed my senators and congressman. I sent them this quick message which I found on the petition site and then edited slightly:

    I understand that USCIS is actively engaged in seeking a resolution to the I-600A issue. I respectfully ask that on behalf of all the families in Virginia, currently mid-process working on an International adoption that may be affected by changes in the I-600 procedures, that you contact USCIS and express support of efforts to find an immediate resolution to the I-600A Extension issue.
    Thank you!