Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don't let the flu bug hit ya on the way out....Part Deux

I totally think that is the same name as a post I had earlier in the year...and yet, it is applicable months later. I feel yucky! Sore throat, neck and shoulders achy, headache, tired--just yucky. I had three parents email me this morning to tell me that their little darlings would not be in school because they all had the flu--same symptoms. Hooray! Another reason I just love teaching!!

So, as I sit here with some whiskey tea and an achy body, I will document some things I ponder from time and maybe I can get some insight....

Why does Google Reader tell me that some of the blogs I follow don't have access to feed when I try to list them as blogs I follow? Does it have anything to do with those blogs being private? Don't know, but there are more blogs than the ones listed at the right that I follow and I tried to add them and get that "can't find the feed" line...hmmm...

Why can't I get my dog to listen to and obey me? She totally is capable, and does, when she wants...when John is gone in November, she'll be attending Mommy Boot Camp. One of us is going down. Safe money's on me. John says I have the resolve of lead. Hmph. He needs to watch out or he'll get to test that theory.

Why can I not remember to make the stupid appointments for my ta-tas until AFTER hours and I can't? I stress every day that I will die a short death of breast cancer, yet--still no appointment with Bethesda...and it's all my fault.

How do we have so much junk mail that I don't throw out because I might need to do something with it and so I put it in one of my famous piles? Why can't I just get rid of those piles?

What are school staff members supposed to do with 'school pictures' that they get? Seriously. The photographer last year, who retook my picture because I looked like a moose in the first take, told me that it wasn't that bad a picture and surely my mom would love it. Well, actually, it was a HORRID picture and seeing as my mom was dead, I doubted it. For real, I know Lifetouch needs to stay in business, but I don't NEED (nor necessarily want) pictures of me. So, Facebook profile it is...

Why can't I remember more things I have pondered when I actually sit down to ponder them? Maybe it's the temperature I am running.

So, as stated before, flu bug, be gone!

****ADDED**** As suspected, this exact title has been used by me--in April--hence Part Deux

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  1. Hope your feeling better soon! I just picked up two of my kids from school sick today with the flu.Its not fun for them or me!Enjoy some herb tea, sleep and get well fast.