Friday, October 24, 2008

Spoken too soon...

Well, yesterday's 'no news' has turned into today's 'news' rather quickly.

Our dossier is in Bishkek! Hooray. Sort of. For anyone who follows any of the other blogs I follow, you probably realize that so much is going on in Kyrgyzstan and things are slow, things are confusing, things are...well, unknown. The scary part right now is that there is a process our dossier has to go through to get us to where we are officially even awaiting a referral--and as that process is rather new and unestablished, no one really knows how long it will be for our dossier to get to the referring person. I knew we'd have to wait for a referral--who knew I'd have yet another wait before that wait? I sure didn't. Worse, no real idea of what that wait is like. Ugh.

In any event, we are moving along and I just continue to pray it is quickly and know that it will all happen in the perfect timing that God provides. Patience, unfortunately, has never been one of my virtues. This is how I know God finds me funny--He knows just how to teach me lessons!


  1. We WILL get through this process of international adoption!Just hang on for the ride!

  2. Yes, it seems there are a few unknowns right now and we will just have to pray and be there for each other as we go through it.

  3. Girl, He is STILL working on me in ther patience department. I think He got tired and gave up. *smile* You WILL get there!!

  4. Celebrate the things you can, Lori!! If you don't, you go nuts :-) Patience, smatience...we want that dossier approved and a referral offered NOW!! Hahaha! Hang in there, the wait really IS worth it.