Monday, November 3, 2008


All I have to say right now is that somewhere in this country are very dear friends of mine who are going through a very hard time. It is very intimate, yet sadly public. I want to talk to them and comfort them, but can't. I want to know details, but can't. I want confirmation, but don't have it. So, I just pray. And ask any of you who read this and pray to pray, even if very quickly, for two wonderful human beings who are like family to me. Pray for them and their family. They need it.

Also, pray for those of religious beliefs in Kyrgyzstan. Religious tolerance is getting smaller and smaller. Especially for Christians. I fear this will hold things up even more. More than that, I fear for those lives who are affected daily by their selfless acts in God's name and for His commission. Pray for the safety of those giving souls.

Pray for the hearts of those on the committees for finalizations to PLEASE just do the right thing for these babies.

And, if you have a second, pray for me too. I'm just reeling over the situation I mentioned and am heartbroken. There's nothing really more to say--it's personal and painful. It does tear through me, though, and though I am so glad my heart is one that I can call compassionate, often that compassion just truly and physically makes me hurt. This is one of those times. So, in addition to the laryngitis (still here) and the sinus infection, I seriously do have heartache.

And nope, Tums are just not cutting this one.

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  1. Keeping you in my prayers and your friends will be included also. We will all get through this. It is hard but with Gods guidance, it will be okay. Take care and get well soon!