Monday, March 31, 2008

Feeling reenergized!

Woohoo!! Some helpful news!! Apparently, when you get fingerprints or a background check in our state, you get a letter stating the results also. Soooo...even though we trekked to LaPlata, we don't need to send in the finger print cards AFTER all and can use the letter of clearance we received when we did our homestudy--just have to have it notarized (and certified, and authenticated at the state and so forth...) AND--since we have several official cards with our fingerprints just waiting to be mailed to Pikesville and cleared, when /if ours expire now, we just have to pop them in the mail and wait for the new letter--which has historically not been too long. AND we got our authenticated/gold sealed marriage licenses today! We only need one, but you know me, I have FOUR! A back-up for my back-up back-up! AND we had to have our Florida Driver's certified records for our homestudy--normally $3.85 (if you live in Florida and can get to your local DMV) and thought we were going to have to pay $50 a pop for me AND John, but when I talked with the lady tonight to give her my credit card info, she said that they felt bad that we were going to have to BOTH pay $50 each when the records were going to be overnighted to the same address, so they gave us a discount--$75 for both!!! Unheard of! AND--our water samples passed--which basically confirms the thought that the sample taker, though nice enough, was not as sanitary as could be and may have been the culprit for the initial 7 of 51 vials developing bacteria. AND John got a hair yesterday and painted the family room in a couple of hours--looks great. AND there are only 47 more school days. AND this is a 4-day week and I have already knocked one of them off. AND...whew. That's all. But hey, that's PLENTY for today!


  1. I could here your energy through your writing!! I am so glad that everything has been going smoothly and that God is blessing you with unexpected blessings!! I hope this is just a sign of things to come and that you will be holding that sweet baby before you know it!!

  2. Lori,
    So glad things are looking up....just logged in to see if you have posted more cause I've been worrying about you, so it's encouraging to see this latest post and the evidence that your spirits seem to be lifting some. Keep up the good fight, sister:).
    Shan (from Colorado)