Thursday, March 13, 2008

Well, I asked for it...

Crud. Ask and ye shall receive! Don't like waiting? Here--fill your time with NINE BILLION different things you have to compile and have certified and notarized and authenticated (and so on and so on....)

The Kyrgz checklist came to me and it is a nightmare. I am really nervous about the medical because it is going to be the equivalent of asking my DOCTOR for HER firstborn! She basically has to sign her name in blood, and those of you familiar with military healthcare already know how hard it is to even SEE your doctor, much less get all this stuff done. THEN the paperwork says to put the medical as one of your last things since it expires in 6 months. Ha ha. I can't even get into SEE her for 6 months!!'s where "Let Go and Let God" steps in. I am just going to put together a list of these things I need to do, and in the order I should, and then tackle them over spring break. Sounds like a plan, right?

The Department of Homeland Security sent us a note saying they sent our I600A form to the Baltimore office...which stinks, because Baltimore is further (miles and time) than Fairfax is but because we live in Maryland, we have to use the Baltimore office. The Fairfax office says it's a Washington Metro area field office, but obviously not. Those Northern Virginia snobs sticking their nose up at us Marylanders!! (Ha ha, I can say that because I grew up as one...and only a NOVAian can understand--you just didn't go to Maryland if you didn't have to!) hopes of getting fingerprinted next week probably won't come to fruition either. Maybe I'll call the Baltimore office and see if I can get it to happen anyway. In the meantime, I have lots to do!

John, by the way, was inspired to work on things last night. See...all goes well if he just does as I say!

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  1. Enjoy your much deserved Spring Break. If the weather is nice we should take a walk or something. Grace Anne has school next week, but my classes do not meet next week.

    It may not feel like it some days, but you are making progress and checking things off your list. Look back at all the things you have completed. I know there are a ton more to do, but those too will get done. It is all a matter of time. You are well-organized and on top of things while working full time. You really have two full time jobs right now!