Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our new baby

Okay, okay...she's not Kyrgzystani but she sure is cute, isn't she? We are fostering a 9 month old golden retriever while she finds her furever home. She's a doll. Poor baby, she was bred by the Amish and kept in a crate for 8 months. Her family that adopted her gave her up after only 2 weeks because she MAY need a hip replacement in a few years and they don't want to pay for it. It's a lot, so I can understand, any event, she's a cutie but VERY skittish. John says it's like she's learning how to be a dog, since she was crated outside for her whole life (not to mention during COLD months!!) -- Our dogs certainly can show her just how to be a dog. In fact, this picture is Dixie showing her the good life on the sofa. She sure does like the sofa now. She's cuddly, but very slowly and shyly learning how to ask for affection. And boy, does she SNORE! Several times I woke up last night to her snoring. At least she feels comfortable!

Got the birth certificates on Friday--and one of them was even gold sealed! I think I may even be able to drive to Richmond and have them ALL gold sealed while I wait! That would be great because for John's, I have to send it to his county clerk of court, get it back, THEN send it to his secretary of state. Ughh...Virginia sure does make my life easier! Of course, we know great things come from Virginia (ahem, ahem) so it doesn't surprise me.

Tomorrow, the checklist. It's a nightmare, but today's message in church was just GREAT! It was a Palm Sunday message--about the triumphant entry and the town being so excited that Jesus was coming because they were ready for Him to overthrow the current government and set His own up. Jesus, on the other hand, knew that HIS plan was to come and die for our sins, and so it was solemn and somber. The point was basically one of perspective and impatience--and the lesson was that God never bends to our demands and timeframes, but fulfills HIS will on HIS own timeframe. So, letting Go and letting God not only makes sense, it's about the only thing we can do because trying to control the situation won't change one darned thing. That, believe it or not, is SUCH a burden off my shoulders! Stressing won't make it better because it will happen when it does. And though I CONSTANTLY say that, for some reason, that passage and those words hit home.

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  1. She looks like she is learning quickly to enjoy the luxury of being on the couch!! How cute!!