Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Homestudy on the way?

Well, that's the goal! We got our driving records today (and with the exception of a little love of the pedal to the metal several years ago, we are clean as a whistle!) and they were pretty much the last things we needed to get together to send off to Bethany. So, my goal is to have all paperwork copied and overnighted on Friday so they have it all by Monday. That would then leave an interview that we have to do there and then our caseworker coming out here--after that, she should be able to write the report. I'd love to have the report done by the end of April because then we need it to go to USCIS for the I600A--once that's done, most of the other dossier things are done or in the works (mostly this) and we could have the dossier sent to AA by June 13. That date is the target because I leave the country for my month of vacation on the 15th. So, I want to have ALL ducks in a row by the time I leave. Doable, perfectly doable. At least that's what I am telling myself!!

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