Sunday, March 2, 2008

Decisions, decisions...

Okay, since this is just my humble thoughts and opinions, I can't lie and say that I have not been looking at other blogs of people who have done this all and I am seeing SO MANY sweet boys! The Kyrgz yahoo group has recently been having conversations about boy vs. girl, and I am starting to feel torn! There is a point--biological pregnancy does not allow you to choose. Then again, biological pregnancy doesn't cost me an arm and a leg and make me promise my firstborn (almost literally) just to bring her home. I figure if I do have a choice, then why not take advantage of it. Then I think about how sad I would be if I never had a little boy and wonder if I am making the right decision about a girl. I can't imagine not having a little girl, but then again...I can't imagine not having a little boy. John, bless his heart, is really and truly not particular either way--which sort of makes it harder! We could have a boy here a LOT faster, and who else is going to carry on our last name? Uggh...I guess we will continue to pray about it, but stick with what we have. In my heart of hearts, I think John will be just thrilled beyond belief with a little girl, and I know I will, so...KGB, we're still waiting!

Oh, and I changed the site a bit to make it easier to read...I hope...


  1. Not that I'm for either sex, I think having a child and raising it is a blessing in all ways. A friend of mine told me the thing that sticks out about a girl, they are capable of doing so much without all the social/societal limitations. As an example, girls can go out and do boy things, dress like boys, play sports, yet also do girl things and society wouldn't think it's wrong. However, if a boy shows any feminine qualities, he's automatically stereotyped either as a metro sexual or homosexual by society. I thought it was interesting.

  2. I hope the comments on the yahoo group are not bothering you too much. I don't know your plans for what your final family size will be but if this adopted child will be your only child then I say go for GIRL as you want that deep in your heart. But if you plan to go back and adopt in Kyrgyz again or domestically then listen hard to your thoughts on wanting a boy because that certainly would be a QUICKER path to parenting.

    I do LOVE my boy but I was just like you.... even more so tho as I never would have thought I would ENJOY raising boys SO much! They are GREAT!

    As and much of a feminist as I am (can't tell by my stay@home mom status but i AM!) I still find it so neat to think that I have BOYS and they don't have to worry about bumping into the glass ceiling they can EXCEED and they ARE! And it's a beautiful thing to raise smart productive boys who want to go far in the world.