Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hating waiting...but I won't complain!

Ha ha..I am hardly waiting for anything right now. Imagine me when we are REALLY waiting! Another mom going through Kyrgz just got their I600 confirmation and we haven't. That's a little worrisome to me because we sent ours of a couple of days before. Hopefully in the next day or two. Next week is my spring break, so if I have to trek out to Fairfax and visit the office myself, I can (and will) do so. Homestudy paperwork is the lovely tests for HIV, TB and drugs yesterday, and see my doctor next Friday and then the Homestudy medical paperwork (my part) will be done. I think for the agency, it will be more specific and need more credibility, but for now, I am happy to at least be moving through the homestudy. I know that all the paperwork the agency needed to send out has been, and most has gotten back. Now John, on the other hand...well, I'm a little concerned about things he is in charge of. He keeps telling me he needs a list. No, he doesn't. He just needs to do what I tell him. (If it was that easy...) There are very few things I need John to do--namely the medical and mail things I put together for him. Both seem to be difficult for him. The other things he needed to do for homestudy--a questionnaire about himself and draw a floorplan for our house--he said he would do on the boat. I doubt they are done. So...we may be having a 'come to Jesus' (as I like to call them) talk about doing things we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do them. I am certainly not without my own procrastination tricks, mind you. I just don't let them affect the status of a several thousand dollar / human life project.

That's all I am going to vent about that right now. Just call me Forest. Forest Gump.

I like Nanci's quotes at the end of her posts. I think I will pick that up. So, here's the first one.

"Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried." Don't know who said it, but applicable nonetheless.

And on a sidenote, my dear, sweet and very loved and missed grandmother would have turned 95 today. I lost her 9 years ago in July and have never spent a day that I didn't miss her. In our family, she was quite the matriarch--opinionated, stubborn, critical and outspoken (nut didn't fall far from the tree, huh?)--and though she was all those things, to me, she was my Grandma Gosnell and she loved me. I'm talking LOVED loved me. Possessive, almost. Infuriated my mother, but sure did make me feel special. Happy Birthday, Grandma...I have no doubt she is exactly where she lived her life to be.

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