Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just plain tired

I hate this part. I know it sounds bad, and I will probably rue the day I type this, but all the stress over all the documentation has just given me migraines for the past two days. We did get our fingerprints done for our I600A today, so that's something nice. John said he's found a notary willing to 'go with us' should we need that for different documents. My doctor had no problem giving me a copy of her license, and telling me the blood work and medical forms should be the least of my worries (they are now, thank you SO much, Dr. C!) and things are chugging along.

We need a CPA, however, and our water failed--well, of the 51 vials of water, bacteria was found in 7--which is really not a big deal and probably due to the fact that the guy getting the water sample was not necessarily the most sanitary, but still...add that with all the stuff we still have to do, and well, I think I would rather just 'wait' than stress over paperwork. Enough of the stressing, though, right?

We found out that friends of ours just got their referral for their 2 year old little girl from Ethiopia--Maria--after 2.5 months!! I'm so happy for them!! They already have a little boy, who is JUST precious and will be a wonderful big brother. They are wonderful parents and I can't wait to be in their shoes. Hmmm...maybe I am not going to be a good wait-er after all!!

Happy Easter to all...Lord, thank you for sending your precious Son to save us all. It is because you live again that my mother and John's dad WILL see and know our sweet baby girl one day.


  1. Happy Easter, Lori! I'm praying that God will relieve your stress over the paperwork. Tomorrow, try to take a break from it all and just revel in His amazing love and grace!! :)

  2. Lori.... I have heard many others tell me of the nightmares of the paperwork, Then in no time at all, I have stood at the orphanage and watched as the miracle unfolds.....This is a hard land, and little in life here offers hope.... but the Hope we have witness on the cotcha day is beyond words.... Just keep going ... don't give up... We will be lifting you in our prayers.
    Blessings John