Thursday, March 6, 2008

Medical, shmedical

Oh my gosh, did I start this day off grumpy! I tried to get the appointment to see my doctor (a military doctor) and can't even begin to think about getting in until April 3. For Pete's sake. I HATE military healthcare sometimes. My doctor is WONDERFUL, but the system is flawed. So, thankfully, I called her directly (she gave me her direct line) and explained I need 3 dumb tests, not worried about TB, drugs or HIV and all she has to do is order the tests and sign the forms. She was great. I get the tests on Tuesday, and see her March 21. Just fine. The bigger issue is that I apparently have to have all this done again for our agency, and it will be more in-depth and a bigger pain. Moreover, I have to basically threaten to call my senator just to get someone to work with me and help me get the paperwork saying we have (or will have) insurance coverage. Another military family with AA said that they are now having a hard time getting their child on DEERS (Dependents something, eligibility, something, system --or something like that) which is basically enrolling them as a beneficiary. This is all ridiculous, and I am grumpy.

Then again, I am so fortunate that I have all the things I do. Nanci (of Nanci's Nikes) had a terrible run-in with a tornado the other night--the night raindrops were falling on my head--and it's such a miracle that she and her girls were ok. Here's the link if you want to see some of the damage.

She emailed me the next day and I couldn't believe what happened...I just thought it had been a bad storm and I was dreaming about chasing a train. Who knew it was my arch enemy and worst nightmare--a tornado?! Again, thank God it was not worse.

And where are our husbands in all this? On the boat, somewhere in the Atlantic off the coast of NC testing. Bad enough we go through all this stuff alone, but then when the agencies and services that are supposed to be our *benefits* act as if they could CARE less and you are bothering them when you are simply trying to get help with healthcare or anything else--well, it just puts a bad taste in my mouth about the freedoms people take for granted--at our expense.

I'm off my soapbox. I am just grumpy. Poor little KGB, at least when she comes, I won't be alone anymore.

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