Monday, March 3, 2008

"You and I were meant to be"

Fun day at school--always love celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday with Read Across America Day. I lost a student today, but gained one immediately, so our class load is still the same. The student I lost, however, was the same who told me I needed to say please, so I am hoping for a little less confrontation on a daily basis.

Another blogger on nearly the same trip as we are made the comment that I may be paying a bit too much attention to some of the comments on the blogs I am reading and she may be right. I have to say, though, I still just think more and more about what place I have deciding who is right for my family. Especially as I am listening to the music from M's blog and the words talk about how "you and I were meant to be"--isn't God amazing with what He tells us and even more when we actually listen? Our homestudy social worker prayed for us when we went for the initial interview and I have to say that I cried and cried as she talked about the choices we would have to make and the wonder of this child that God is creating JUST FOR US! I still tear now as I think about the depth of that statement--God is creating our child, just for us. The ONE designed specifically for our family. Who am I to insist that He do that, just as long as she's a girl? Uggghhhh...friends, feel free to lift us in prayer. I said it yesterday and still think I feel it today--a girl is my heart's desire, but a precious little boy...I think of my nephews, of the sweet and loving little boys I teach...I still am so torn! Today one of my SWEET little boys was in the cafeteria before school started. He is a VERY lovey little boy, and just a doll. I walked by him, and as I did, he called my name out and blew a kiss. I blew a little one back, told him good morning, and kept walking. As I walked away, I could hear him tell his friend, "That's not my mom, that's my teacher. She's just as good." That made my morning. Imagine that every day coming from my very own?? Here's praying that siblings or a girl AND a boy are available. We put two children on our I600A. John freaked out about how much more that would cost, and who can blame him? We'd make it work, though. Period.

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  1. Lori, I am praying for you and know that you will be an awesome mommy!! The child that God has picked specifically for you will be so blessed because she/he will have you for a mommy!! I will pray for your journey as God lays it on my heart!!
    Lisa M