Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nesting already

Ha ha, don't be misled by that title. I just decided that I would make something to put in the crock pot since John is coming home (hopefully) tomorrow. I figure the more dinners I make, the easier he will be with the whole 'one income' concept. We have a bit of time for that, but I am ok with starting to be Betty homemaker...I actually like to 'home make' when I am not exhausted at the end of every day from the drain that comes with teaching. So, John will be enjoying homemade beef bourguignon tomorrow and I know he will be shocked. He even got a baguette to go with it...and anyone who knows us knows how much he loves his baguettes with dinner. Love daylight savings time, but bedtime sure does seem to come, not as much as I wanted to get done before he got home, but house is clean (relatively), dogs are still alive and have been exercised and fed duly, and John will have dinner that he doesn't have to make, so I am going to treat myself to early bedtime with a magazine bought at the checkout counter. Splurge!

Oh, and my wonderful uncle figured out how to make our picture less ostentatious and more down to size. THANKS! I feel better without my nostrils being larger than life for all to see. Of course, I couldn't have felt too bad since I kept it up there until he sent me a smaller one!!


  1. Yum! That sounds good. I should do something like that for dinner tomorrow too!
    I miss the BIG picture... oh well, I guess the new size does look more like one would expect to see on a blog.

  2. So how did the yummy dinner go? IT sounded fabulous..I may have to get that recipe from you :)