Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Quick Update...


Today, the 6-celled embryo from yesterday arrested.  What a harsh, clinical word.  It stopped growing.  Frankly, I expected it.  This happens in In Vitro.  Heck, it happens so often in natural fertilizations of embryos—they fertilize, but don't make it down the tubes, or implant, or stop growing, or whatever.

Expecting something doesn't mean you like it.

The other EIGHT, though?  Amazing.  They are all either morulas, early blasts or cavitating blasts.  Really, I've never gotten this far with either Matthew's or Luke's cycle, so all of that is a lot of gobbledy-gook for just exactly what the clinic is looking for and a situation they couldn't have planned more perfectly.  Even though that's what they were planning.  It NEVER happens like this for me.  Jackie said the whole office is just laughing (good-naturedly) at all of this...the surprise of SUCH success.  The CRAZY different cycle.  Just all of it.

Between my endometriosis being pretty much zapped thanks to Matthew and Luke, and two cycles under our belt to know that there needed to be some pretty significant medicine adjustment for better egg maturity, apparently, they weren't lying when they said I had the fertility of a gal in her 20s.

I have had so many wonderful people email and call and text encouragement and advice and prayers and good thoughts and I am grateful.

We've decided that we will transfer two tomorrow morning at 10:15.  The embryology lab will obviously pick the best, and the others, provided they have not arrested, will be frozen.  Our instructions were to freeze if they were able to, regardless of quality.  If they don't arrest, they will be given the chance I believe they were meant to.

When, how...crossing those bridges another day.  Heck, there is NO guarantee this transfer will produce pregnancy, and we may very likely end up using those little snowbabies very soon.

Today, we have 8 amazing blastocysts and a really great chance at having another sibling for Matthew and Luke.

Grateful.  In my wildest dreams...never expected this.

But grateful.

Luke is staying with his Aunt Pretty tonight since we have to leave so early tomorrow.  I haven't even cried.  I teared up some earlier, before I even took him over there....but none since.  John said he was proud of me taking that big step...doing ok without my boy sleeping in the next room over.

I'm proud of me too.  But then again...I've had to sleep with my boy not in the next room over...or the same house...or even on this earth.  Luke is living it up at Aunt Pretty's.  I can deal with that.


  1. This is awesome news! I've been, umm, stalking your blog for updates. Keep the good news coming.

  2. What Mary and Tiffanie said!!!!! Praying, praying, praying!

  3. Gosh, you sure know how to get a girl all emotional! :) I've been reading Dalton your posts when we're together & even he keeps saying how awesome it all is ... Praying now & will stop everything and be praying at 10:15 tomorrow!!! Love you all!

  4. Don't remember how I came across your blog, but it touched my heart and brought memories and tears of our years of treatments...our gift from God finally came via adoption and Matt is now 23. Now Levi his son is 18 months and living at grandmas house with his parents, when I say I've been there I truly have...this much I know without question God has a plan for each one of us and those blessings are truly wonderful and beyond what we can imagine. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. Oh Lori!!!!!!!!!! I am wishing and praying for the very best!!!! Cannot wait to hear more :D

    big hugs friend!!!

  6. So amazing!! How great is our God! Praying for your scrappy little self...and trusting Him to be big enough for whatever lies ahead, dear friend.

  7. Hoping it all went beautifully today. Don't know if you recall but at SEF they watch the arrested embies for one day past a 5dt along with the others that are planned to be frozen. (Freeze via vitrification on day 6). So- one of our arrested embies- became a 4AB! CRAZY!
    We transferred out top and bottom embies (long answer as to why but it had to do with immune responses). One was a 4AA (highest) and one was a 4BC (lowes at the time not considering the arrested embie. By day 6 we froze 4- from 4AA to 4AB. My guess is that whoever my 4BC is in there, that baby got a good growth blast by day 6 because it is with me now. The RE did not think a 4BC would make it.

    Anyhow long story but can't wait to hear what you freeze.. and one day I would REALLY like to talk to you about these frosties.. plans, etc.

    Rest up- lie in bed for two days and enjoy this time- you are amazing!! xo