Sunday, February 5, 2012

This Guy's 13 Months!

Our attempt at a picture at his birthday party last month.  He's Senior Squirmy these days!
If you click on the picture, you can see it better.  I have no idea how to do anything with sizing.

Do not know how time literally flies before my very eyes.  I know I have so much to tell about the last few months with Luke, but for today... (well, technically, yesterday by three minutes) just can't believe this amazing boy has been my sunshine for 13 months.

He busted his lip today.  Long story short, (and there is no blame on the dogs.  No blame on the dogs.  No blame on the dogs.) he slipped on something on the floor as he was crawling, lost the 'footing' under his forearm, fell flat on his face and popped his lip with one of his teeth.  Swelled up immediately, blood everywhere...mommy was actually very calm.

And about 10 minutes later (and a popsicle for the swelling and some splashing in the bathtub), and one would never, ever  know.

He's such a trooper.  Just amazing.

Samuel Luke, your mommy loves you so much!


  1. SO, so,SO, SOOOOOOO sweet! we had a busted lip this week too :( snowflake fell on the fireplace! :O one of the big kids busted his head too! such is mommy life but it breaks my heart.... my oldest is praying over g-hog and v-tine too, just wanted you to know :) much love-

  2. Ok, so I cried the first time Preston busted his lip. I cried longer than he did :)

  3. I hate the booboo's but I LOVE taking care of the hurt/sick kid and spoiling them :) I bet it adds character to his face ... needs a little mark here or there to let everyone know he's not a demi god or something ... people could start asking questions about how he is so cute all. the. time. without any scrapes or scars. and then they would always be hounding you trying to steal his powers. :)

  4. Lainey is always getting 'boo booed' up!

  5. Such a big boy!
    Poor lip- I should email you a picture of C3 when he was 2. He split his lip open on a toy house (?) in the play area of a local store (grrrr). While we waited for his stitches to go in he sucked on a LOLLIPOP and ate cookies! That kid is made of steel I tell ya!
    LOL- xo!