Tuesday, June 30, 2009

That daddy is so funny...

In this last week or two, I've been taking advantage of the fact that I actually have *a little* bit of energy, and am forcing myself to do stuff during the day and not nap because my back is giving me such a miserable time with sleeping at night. I have several summer projects that have been on the back-burner for oh, several months, and am getting to them. Cleaning out the office (minus the bookshelves that I fear may never get finished)--check. Cleaning out closet--check. Organizing some of the baby clothes we have--day-to-day I am doing some. The hard part is that while we have a lot of clothing items (very cute, too!) because we didn't know what age the baby we adopted would be when we got her, I just organized by size. Now, (if she's a girl, of course) I can actually organize into the size AND determine whether it will be the right season. Some of the cute little 0-3 months summer bubble jumpers? Adorable, but not gonna work in November or December. Sadly, a lot of the sweetest stuff I was given was given by a good friend whose 3 daughters (always dressed so adorably!) were spring or summer babies...so while some things will work, a lot may not (unless we have a shrimp or a chunker, as John says). Anyway, I digress...long story short, I am busy.

So yesterday, I tackled the other guest room. We have two, and while both are made up for use, one is used often as it should be and one is used for my *catch-all* room...laundry that needs ironing, or is hanging to dry. Gifts, gift-wrap, excess whatever--that room had it. I had to get it cleaned up because my dear friend and God-daughter are coming through tomorrow on their way to NY and will need both rooms. I worked on that room all day yesterday--tackling the clothes to be hung or ironed was the worst. Then I had to get the Goodwill stuff going...and while I was at it, I figured I might as well clean out the closet. What was I thinking? The whole day was a ton of cleaning through, throwing out and walking down memory lane...lots of tissues used yesterday. I also took Raleigh to the groomer yesterday, so John came home as I was picking him up and walked into the major renovation project.

I was definitely having some stretchy/soreness going on, as well as hardly any sleep over the last two or three nights because of my back, so he was concerned that I was overdoing it. I was going to finish, though...and kept going and going. Finally, John had enough of watching me tear the house apart (while finishing laundry and cooking dinner--something I fear he may be getting accustomed to me doing!) and stopped me and said, "Stop. Just sit down and rest for the rest of the evening. You're just doing too much."

I asked him why he couldn't ever tell me *THAT* when I WASN'T pregnant?

His answer?

"Because then, you're just complaining."

Oh, he's so funny.

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  1. Nesting much?

    I LOVE it! But, interestingly, it sounds like you and I are doing much of the same thing in our free time.