Thursday, July 2, 2009

Something to be said for Mother's Intuition....

Well, John Matthew, mommy was RIGHT! You are our baby BOY!

Let the record reflect that mommy has thought you were a boy before you were even conceived! Daddy is very sorry he's been calling you Molly, and is very excited that someone else in the house will like snakes. The sonographer said you were VERY wiggly (You are! We couldn't believe how much you moved around and loved seeing you yawn!) and stubborn (soooo your daddy's boy!) and liked...well, enjoyed your boy parts. Which, were pretty obvious! You are already pretty freaking adorable.
We are a little worried about you, hang tight and keep growing nicely. Neither the sonographer nor the doctor (who everyone raves about, by the way, so I felt pretty confident with him) could find both of your kidneys. The doctor said it could just still be not noticeable (which I doubt because the other one very plainly was) or it could be ectopic and/or in your pelvic area or...and here's what I just only have one kidney. I asked him what that meant and he said, "Well, he'll never be a kidney donor."


He then went on to tell us not to worry too much just yet (yeah, right) and that the one he could see looked like it was doing a decent job of urinating and creating the amniotic fluid, but we had to come back in 4 weeks and they would monitor closely throughout the pregnancy. He told us that it was called unilateral renal agenesis and that if I looked on the internet and wanted to talk to him I could. Ha ha, he seemed to know me! We have looked into a lot of things and basically see that once born, with good management, things can very likely be fine. This will sort of put a damper on things should you be interested in wrestling or boxing, but that's fine with me.

Mommy's concern is that your poor little kidney can handle doing all the work by itself and can keep making that amniotic fluid you need. We'll know more on July 30 because then they'll again measure the fluid and see if anything has changed. If you do indeed just have the one little kidney, when you are born, we will have to monitor you lots and say prayers that you don't have UTIs or kidney stones or some other stuff I can't explain right now, but we will certainly and gladly do that.

Dear little boy...I just so strongly believe you are ordained by God and destined to be our boy. I have always dreamed (save the Molly-half hamster dream) that if I was a mommy, it was to a little boy named Matthew. I am very, very worried about you, but have been since the second we learned you were alive and I don't think that will change. Please, please, please know how much you are already loved and that I will do all I can to make sure you are healthy and happy.

Daddy said we had a lot of shopping to do (since your room is FULL of girl stuff!) but I told him that was not a big deal since we were off the hook now with paying for a wedding! (BTW...I know it's early, but PLEASE find a good girl to marry and not some hoochie-mama that I will cry about!)
Speaking of daddy...don't worry. I made things easy on him. I went ahead and just told him I was right and he was wrong so he didn't have to break down and do it himself...
Lots of love to you baby boy...and no worries about your blog background. I'll work on getting a boy background!


  1. He is just beautiful, and ALL boy!
    Matthew, your mommy will be worrying over you for many, many years to come! SO please take it easy on the one strong kidney, or you will worry her half sick!
    With that said, congratulations on your single gender name! : )
    Lori, I will keep you and Matthew going in my prayers.

  2. Well, thank goodness you changed that blog background -- I know it was worring Matthew a lot!! *smile* Seriously,though, mommy worry will never change: one kidney or two; organic food or regular; public school or private; the list goes on and on. So, enjoy this time and TRY not to worry too much. Remember, Matthew is "made in God's image" and is "wonderfully and fearfully made". God knew him before he "knit him in his mother's womb". Give it all to Him and know that He will handle it and you won't have to. Matthew will be FINE. I'm so happy for you -- although I'll admit my first thought was, "Darn, he won't want to wear that little mint green polka dot dress, will he??" *smile* Hugs and prayers.

  3. Boys are fabulous--excited for you!

  4. I am grinning from ear to ear...started when I saw the blue background before I ever read the post! A handsome boy, and named Matthew to I feel doubly connected to you now that both of us had our first sons named Matthew.

    Don't borrow trouble with the kidney, wait and see what develops. If its only one, he'll be OK anyway and it might just prove to be two! are you lucky!

  5. So happy to hear it's a boy!!! They are sooo much fun and FULL of surprises! I will keep Matthew and mommy in my prayers. Trust in God's plan, He will take care of everything. Loved the wee wee shot! That's some good leverage you got for when he's older:)

  6. Congratulations on your little Matthew. You will worry now and you will worry after he is born because that is what mommy and daddies do. We worry. Don't stress over the kidney issue. Remember stress is not good for anyone pregnant so just pray and God will take care of your wee little one.

  7. Lori - Just wanted to let you know that I am checking in and thinking of you. Great ultrasound shots, little Matthew is adorable! I'll keep you in my thoughts and hope you get some more reassuring news at the next ultrasound and going forward. - J

  8. Amazing what ultrasounds these days show:) He is a handsome little guy!! We'll pray for his renal system-that it would be complete of course and that Mommy would cast all her cares on the one who created her and her son:)
    Of course, I think boys are much easier than girls with the young experience I have, P gave my nanny the run for it today by crying for 1 1/2 hours because she couldn't get her way!!! That girl can get out of her seatbelt and it has been one struggle for the last 2 months, takes double the time to get anywhere with all the stops we have to make-sorry for digressing-you'll love being the mother of a BOY!!!

  9. Woo HOO! Same for me..I knew how that happens isn't it!? Just wanted you to know too that when I had my u/s with the genetic doc with R that she thought there was a problem with his kidneys too. We went back 4 weeks later and it turned out every thing was fine. Just wanted to tell you not to give up hope that all may be perfect and even if it is not, you guys will be fine! Can't wait to see you!!

  10. WOW! I was with John, totally thought it was a girl!
    CONGRATS on your little boy!!!!!!

  11. Congratulations on having a boy! My son is my pride & joy and I think boys are easier too! Praying for his kidney situation. Happy for you!

  12. I just wanted to tell you that my my brother in law didn't find out until he was 47 that he had been born with only one kidney. Crazy story about how the doctor talked to him about him since the doc assumed my brother in law already knew. It took a while for them to get on the same page. Anyway...he's had no problems so just wanted to offer you some encouragement.