Friday, June 26, 2009


MollyMatthew, I just have to tell you that your daddy is so darned cute and excited for you. He's also very, very sure you are a girl. Me? Not so sure.

In any event, he called me this morning and told me that I needed to go to the Exchange because they had a big sidewalk clearance sale and there was lots of baby stuff. Yep, daddy told me to go shopping. (For you, of course!)

Then, this afternoon, when I still hadn't gone yet, but was on my way as he was on his way home, I asked him if he wanted to meet me there and look together. He said, "Sure." SURE? Now, you'll learn in our family, daddy will probably say, "I could..." and he gets that totally from your dear old granddad...but for you, today--he says, "Sure."

More than that, when I got there, I said there wasn't much unisex clothing and he said, "Get girl." Like I said, he's sure you are a girl.

Your daddy is so darned excited about you he can hardly stand it. He's not feeling very well, and he's hoping he doesn't get me sick just as I'm getting better, though I am not all that sure he isn't coming down with what I had. He even insisted on making dinner...whether this was because he was trying to help me take it easy because my back has been killing me or he just prefers BLTs the way HE does them is still up for discussion, but either way, feeling yucky, he still preferred for me to sit on the sofa. Let me just tell you, your daddy is one good guy. You just watch him so you know what kind of man to marry (or to be)!

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  1. And you are so darned cute for writing this!