Sunday, June 28, 2009

Was that you?

Well baby, I think I might have felt you kick last night. Somewhere around 15-16 weeks I thought I might have as well, but haven't since until last night. It's sort of like little bubbles popping in my stomach, which is why I can imagine lots of people could confuse it with gas! It was different though, and daddy even woke up out of his Nyquil-induced stupor to acknowledge.
Perhaps it was your response to your first boat ride yesterday. Though you hopefully will enjoy the outdoors and the water, I don't know how much you liked speed-loving daddy driving us around. I hope you weren't too jostled in there, because afterward, I thought you might have been a little unhappy! Daddy didn't feel well still, but he sure did perk up when he was driving the boat! He's crazy like that--working hard makes him feel better! While driving the boat is not necessarily hard work, launching the boat, trying to find the beach where our picnic was, finding it and realizing that the lifeguards would not let us beach there (a point mommy brought up many times and was dismissed by daddy saying, "I know what I'm doing."), going all the way back to the marina, trying to squeeze into one transient slip only to realize we would not fit so we had to go and get another one, then driving all the way back to the beach at which we were picnicking, hanging out, then driving BACK to the marina to batten down the hatches (oh, and launch again so daddy could get some She-Crab soup at Clark's Landing) and then, finally, heading home WAS hard work! At least for you and me it was! Here's a picture of you driving the boat. Well, not really.


  1. Sounds like fun... and tiring.

    Isn't it amazing to feel them movie. A little like Aliens too, but wonderful nonetheless.
    Just wait until you can actually identify body parts (i.e. "hey, there's a foot!").

  2. Ummm that's "move" not "movie". Hey, it's our 24th consecutive day of rain and I've been watching a lot of movies (2 today at the theater! Movie hopping rocks). So anyway, it's starting to affect me.

  3. Happy you are enjoying the miracle in making. You look so cute in the pic!

  4. There should be a law against looking so stinking good when you are pregnant. I didn't!! :-) A baby moving around inside is the most miraculous thing. ENJOY it!!