Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baby's first antibiotics...

Well, after daddy nearly threatening to divorce me and the doctor (the 3rd of 3 OBs at my practice, and seemed to be ok) telling me that I wasn't helping the baby any by being a martyr, I broke down and am taking some antibiotics. This lovely bronchitis seemingly came out of nowhere, but now in hindsight (and after a phone call of confirmation), seeing my little God-daughter and her mommy last weekend when they were both petri dishes of bacteria was probably the catalyst. In any event, I still think I should have tried to tough it out a few more days before I started anything, but like I said--after the doctor heard I wasn't taking my allergy and asthma meds as much as I should (and I've been fine, thank you very much), I was just around two walking antibiotic posters, I have a compromised immune system ANYWAY, and oh, yeah, I'm miserable and coughing up gunk that rivals Shrek's lovely skin color--she insisted.

Now, I realize that I am not a doctor, but I am also not an idiot, and feel that no one knows my body like I do. So, while I listen to doctor's advice and directions for the most part, I tend to consider much of a doctor's insight as his or her educated opinions based on lots of people, not necessarily me. While I highly value this education and experience, nay, I often depend on it, I also temper that advice with my insanely intense desire to keep this baby from ANYTHING that could adversely affect it.

Therefore, the only reasons I am taking this antibiotic are because as stated, John has been a pain in the ARSE about me taking it and Dr. Shonekan told me that if I am not healthy, any nutrition or supplements I manage to get in my body is NOT going to be going to baby, but to fight off whatever ails me. Well...if THAT'S the case, and I'm just shoving food I do NOT want in my body just to try and feel better and NOT to take care of baby, I might as well take the direct route, let the antibiotic do its job and be done with it.

But for the record, Augmentin and I still are just co-existing. It's not like we're friends or anything.


  1. It will be just fine. Baby will feel better if mommy feels better :) And soon John will learn the phrase, "If mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy!"

  2. Yea, I second what Hil says...and you know Lori, there is something to be said for OXYGEN intake!!! Hahahahaha! Mama not breathing, baby ain't breathing! And considering I too am sitting here hacking up a lung I am right there with you :-) Just not preggers at the same time! haha!